Most traditional systems for distributing electricity are severely limited by a mismatch between available power and fluctuating consumer demand for power. Often, this results in wasted energy during light load times, and insufficient power during peak times—in the worst cases, leading to brownouts and blackouts. The Energy Collective partnered with several experts in the field and asked the question, what will motivate consumers to adopt smart grid technology and how is the data used? Listen below...

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Patty Durand is the Executive Director for the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative, a consumer focused non-profit aiming to promote the understanding and benefits of modernized electrical systems. Pattyhas previously conducted smart grid research at Georgia Institute of Technology, and served as the State Director for the Georgia Chapter of the Sierra Club. Patty has an IT background and worked on B2B projects with Hewlett Packard and Compaq Computers. She currently serves on the board of the Smart Grid Society for the Technology Association of Georgia.

Lisa V. Wood is the Executive Director of the Institute for Electric Efficiency, which works with the electric utility industry to advance energy efficiency, demand response, and customer-side technologies. Lisa launched IEE after more than two decades of consulting with electric utilities on retail customer issues. In that role, she directed economic, financial, and market analysis studies for leading electric utilities nationwide, with an emphasis on energy efficiency, dynamic pricing, and value of electric service reliability. She also serves as an Advisor to Johnson Controls’ Institute for Building Efficiency and is an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University.

Sachin Gupta is the business development manager for Siemens' demand response solutions at Siemens Energy, Inc., Smart Grid Applications in Raleigh, NC. Gupta received a BS in mechanical engineering from Michigan State University. His prior experience includes large solution sales, marketing and research positions within Johnson Controls and EnerNOC. Siemens' demand response business focuses on creating integrated utility-centric solutions for commercial, industrial and residential load management.

Anto Budiardjo is founder of Clasma Events Inc., where he is responsible for organizing key conferences and events for the emerging intersection of energy and IT, including GridWeek and ConnectivityWeek. These and other events specifically focus on Smart Grid and the role of smart connected devices in the future clean and renewable energy economy. Mr. Budiardjo is a frequent speaker at industry events and is a contributing editor of He was the recipient of the Frost & Sullivan 2005 Building Technologies CEO of the Year award.

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