Renewable energy technology by its very nature needs an abundance of the relevant natural resource to generate electricity, whether it be the sun, the wind or the tides. However it also needs to be close to a grid connection point so that the electricity can be distributed to where it is needed.

Nimbyism occurs when people refuse to accept that where they live might be suitable for a renewable energy technology. We do however need renewable energy technology in as many places as can be accommodated, subject to the impacts not outweighing the benefits.

At a recent exhibition for a wind farm on Spaldington Airfield, a leaflet on wind energy and house prices (setting out details of two studies carried out in the US and the UK) was clearly the most popular and much more popular than details of their nearest operational wind farm or the facts on wind farm noise.

People need to start thinking about the medium term and our childrens’ future rather than worrying unjustifiably about our house price if we are to embrace renewable energy. There are people willing to look beyond their own lifetimes and support wind farms like the Spaldington wind farm. However we need more people to be vocal about their support to embrace renewable energy and help well designed wind farms get planning consent.