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TheEnergyCollective.com is an independent, moderated forum of the world's best commentary & analysis on energy policy, climate change, energy technologies and fuels, and energy innovation. 

TheEnergyCollective.com is the one place on the web where you can get a daily hand-curated selection of the best writing from our diverse and ever-growing community of energy and climate thought leaders. Our contributors span the globe and include industry professionals, policy makers, scientists, and experts on everything from cutting-edge clean tech products to climate change, nuclear power to renewable energy, and the latest in energy policy from Washington DC to Beijing.  
If you share our passion for tackling the biggest topics in energy and climate, can offer your expertise, or just want to take part in the discussion, we invite you to become a member of our community. If you're interested in contributing content, click here for more information.
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The site's mission and certain initiatives enjoy the generous support of Siemens Energy, a division of Siemens AG, and Royal Dutch Shell. Our sponsors are committed to serving as stewards of the community's editorial independence and do not participate in the editorial and content selection process, nor do the views expressed on the site reflect those of Siemens Energy or Shell. Contributors are never asked to promote or endorse a company's products or services except in clearly labeled Sponsored Posts. From time to time, thought-leaders from our sponsor companies contribute editorial content to TheEnergyCollective.com and the source and author affiliations in such instances are always fully disclosed. In addition, TheEnergyCollective.com may periodically display promotions for sponsor products or events. The promotional nature of such items will always be clearly disclosed.
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The Energy Collective promotes a diversity of views on key issues facing the energy sector. Our blog is home to hundreds of contributors ranging from the Natural Resources Defense Council to the American Petroleum Institute and everywhere in between. Yet for this diverse community to thrive, we work hard to maintain dialogue on our blog, in our comments thread, and in our various social media communities that is respectfulfact-based, and on-topic. As such, we reserve the right to delete comments that do not adhere to these basic standards and to revoke the commenting privileges of those who consistently fail to live by this common understanding. 


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