Carbon Capture and Storage Can Cause Earthquakes, Making It 'A Risky And Strategy'

November 7, 2013 by Joseph Romm

Carbon Capture and Storage Risks

New research suggests that carbon capture and storage (CCS) may actually be a far more limited climate solution than previously thought, due to the fact that it can induce earthquakes, which can eventually end up causing CO2 leakage.[read more]

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Does Fracking Cause Earthquakes?

May 29, 2013 by Grant McDermott

Earthquake Damage via Shutterstock

Can fracking causes earthquakes? The short answer is yes, but these are so small that they are of very little consequence.[read more]


California's "Other Big One": A Historical Flood?

January 25, 2013 by David Lewis

Many willl be surprised as it dawns that the biggest catastrophic event likely to happen today in California is a flood caused by a rainstorm. The US Geological Survey recently studied flood risk in California by modelling what would happen if the state was hit by an event about one half as severe as the greatest flood to have happened in the state since it was settled by Europeans, i.e. the Great Flood of 1861-62.[read more]

CCS and Earthquakes - Anything to Worry About?

June 25, 2012 by George Peridas

Managing earthquakes caused by human activity is an issue that deserves more attention than it has received to date. It can and should be done with today’s tools, but it hasn’t been done everywhere. A timely new report documents known earthquakes caused by human activities, none of which have been caused by CCS projects.[read more]

Does Energy-Related Drilling Trigger Earthquakes?

June 21, 2012 by Geoffrey Styles


Last week the National Research Council published a comprehensive study of the seismic hazards and risks of a variety of energy-related drilling activities.  Despite widely publicized reports of drilling-related quakes in Ohio and Arkansas, the report concluded that such events are very rare, compared to both the total number...[read more]

Dominion and NRC Set Path to Re-Start North Anna

October 22, 2011 by Dan Yurman
Image credit: Idaho Samizdat ~

A safety evaluation review and decision are expected in November The NRC's review of the effects of the August 23 earthquake on Dominion's North Anna power station is coming to a logical and reasonable close. The agency says the staff is writing a safety evaluation review that could result in a re-start decision letter by mid-November.At...[read more]

energyNOW! Video: Does Geothermal Power Cause Earthquakes?

May 9, 2011 by Silvio Marcacci

The Obama Administration betting big on enhanced geothermal systems, a new drilling technique that could boost geothermal power to 10 percent of America’s total portfolio. But it also could increase the risk of earthquakes. Correspondent Dan Goldstein goes to California and Oregon to investigate if this technique is shaky, or if it’s on solid ground.[read more]

Geothermal's Earthquake Problem

June 27, 2009 by Robert Rapier

In a recent post - It's Always Something - I argued that for seemingly every renewable option, there is a trade-off. In that particular essay I was discussing a recent report that suggested that jatropha curcas - which I have written about as an intriguing option for renewable, liquid fuels - has very large water requirements. It is also...[read more]