Choke Point: U.S.

Memo to Hu and Obama: Water and Energy Choke Points Merit Time at the China-U.S. Summit

January 18, 2011 by Keith Schneider

While the two heads of state focus on resolving what pries them apart, both nations share a dangerous confrontation within their borders over energy demand and water supply—offering a matchless opportunity for new kinds of cooperation on policy, technology, business, and trade.[read more]

The Next Era of Hydrocarbon Development: Well Underway and Dirtier Than the First

October 1, 2010 by Keith Schneider

With astonishing speed and influence, American oil companies, Canadian pipeline builders, and investors from all over the globe are spending huge sums in an economically promising and exceedingly ecologically risky race to open the next era of hydrocarbon development.[read more]