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Must See Video: Showtime Climate Series 'Years of Living Dangerously'

April 12, 2014 by Joseph Romm

Climate Series on Showtime

Showtime has posted online the entire video of Episode 1 of its visually and emotionally gripping documentary series event, “Years of Living Dangerously.” The landmark 9-part series is produced by the legendary James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jerry Weintraub.[read more]

"All of the Above" Energy Policy Must Be Weighted by Common Sense

June 17, 2013 by Geoffrey Styles

Last month, Real Clear Politics and API hosted an energy summit in Washington, DC entitled, “Fueling America’s Future”. It was intended to provide a quick overview of an all-of-the-above energy strategy for the United States.[read more]

Coal Is King In China, And Top Priority For Engineers Determined To Lower Climate Risks

October 6, 2010 by Keith Schneider

China’s economic development ministries consistently state that they anticipate growth to continue apace, and by 2020 the economy will be 60 percent larger than it is today. This week at the UN climate conference in Tianjin several of the leading environmental scientists and technical specialists in China and the United States described the consequences of reaching that goal on the nation’s energy production, and to the work of taming the warming climate.[read more]

In Tianjin, China and U.S. Similarities Overshadow Differences

October 5, 2010 by Keith Schneider

What makes the countries similar is how far each needs to go and what both countries are willing to do to really make a dent in reducing global carbon emissions. That, of course, has been the central issue confronting negotiators at UN climate meetings for several years, and it's the single biggest issue again in Tianjin.[read more]