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Levelized Cost of Electricity


Economic Evaluation of Projects in the Electricity Supply Industry

April 11, 2014 by Hisham Khatib

Electricity Supply Industry


Electricity is versatile, clean to use, easy to distribute and supreme to control. Just as important, it is now established that electricity has better productivity in many applications than other energy forms. This led to the wider utilisation of electricity and its replacement with other forms of energy.[read more]

How Cheap and Abundant Natural Gas Affects Renewables

January 3, 2011 by Christopher Head

Cost of producing energy before subsidies, per megawatt hour. Bloomberg New Energy Finance, 3rd quarter 2009. Low natural gas prices coupled with discoveries of abundant shale gas reserves have made the last 18 months an exciting time for energy in the United States. Until mid-2009, investors were scrambling to find a low cost...[read more]

Cost of Money for Nuclear Projects - Effect of $880 Million Financing Fee - 30% Increase in Electrical Power Price

October 15, 2010 by Rod Adams

I have been musing a bit this morning about the impact of the cost of money for nuclear projects in the United States compared to the cost of money for other energy investments. I have a spreadsheet model that I built based on the methodology described in Appendix 5.A — Calculation of the Levelized Cost of Electricity of the MIT Future...[read more]