Ontario feed-in tariffs

Clean energy technologies? No bubble bursting there.

August 7, 2012 by Tyler Hamilton

There was a clever headline in the satirical newspaper The Onionearlier this week that wouldn’t be so humorous if it wasn’t true.“300 Million Without Electricity In India After Restoration Of Power Grid,” the headline read.The article was referring to the massive power outage across India Tuesday that cut electricity to 670 million...[read more]

Are Solar Subsidizers Making the Same Mistake as Oil Producers in the 30's?

May 2, 2012 by Alex Chapman

Short-term thinking is the bane of the energy world. It has been so since the early days of the oil business, and it remains so with today’s market for solar photovoltaic power generation. In the former case, oil producers were guilty of the flawed thinking. In the latter, it is the producers of public energy policy.An oil reservoir is...[read more]