Canada carbon emissions

Canada Confirms its Ever-Weakening Climate Policy as the U.S. Announces Ambitious Plan to Cut Carbon Pollution

June 12, 2014 by Danielle Droitsch

Canada and US Climate Policies

As the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced that it would seek to reduce carbon pollution from power plants – a move that would put the U.S. on a trajectory to meeting its international climate obligations – Canada continued to move in the opposite direction.[read more]

Canada's Poor Climate Record Makes Keystone Mitigation Impossible

August 16, 2013 by Danielle Droitsch

Keystone Mitigation

Canada’s failure to reduce emissions from its tar sands sector and lackluster climate record has recently been brought into focus. But there are also now questions about whether Canada could mitigate for the climate effects of Keystone XL.[read more]

Aussie Climate Change Commission: 'Energetic Climate' will Wreak Havoc Down Under

April 3, 2013 by Kevin Grandia

climate change dangers

Record heatwaves, droughts, bushfires, rainfall, coastal erosion can all be expected in Australia in the near-term, reports the country's Climate Commission.[read more]

Fossil Fuels Divestment Fever: Canadian Students, Doctors Launch New Campaign

March 28, 2013 by Tyler Hamilton

fossil fuels divestment

Calls in the United States for universities to divest their fossil-fuel holdings are starting to spread into Canada, where students and doctors are beginning to speak out.[read more]

The Case for Keystone XL

March 6, 2013 by Mark Green

Keystone XL Pipeline

More from around the web on the new State Department draft analysis of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, which, again, proved the economic benefits and lack of negative impacts .[read more]

How Canada has changed since the 1992 Rio summit.

June 27, 2012 by Simon Donner

To really understand how much Canada - and the world - has changed, its worth comparing the Canadian government summary of the original 1992 Earth Summit to its submission to the 20th anniversary summit held in Rio last week. I looked through these a few days ago while preparing some thoughts for CBC Radio's BC Almanac discussion of...[read more]

Sustainability: The Crux of the Matter with Alberta's Oil Sands

December 17, 2010 by Nathanael Baker

The oil industry, Alberta's provincial government, and the Canadian federal government are all breathing huge sighs of relief with the release of the Royal Society of Canada's report [pdf] on the Alberta oil sands. The cause for relief comes from the fact that a comprehensive study about the Alberta oil sands conducted by independent...[read more]