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electric vehicles (evs)

Will Nissan's Free EV Charging Rival Tesla's Supercharger Network?

July 18, 2014 by Katherine Tweed

If you drive a Nissan Leaf, you already don’t have to worry about paying for gas, which is hovering near $4 per gallon in much of the United States. Now, you don’t have to worry about paying for the electrons that fuel your car when you’re out on the road either.[read more]

China's Latest Mandate: 30% of Government Cars Need to Be Electric or Use Alternative Fuel

July 16, 2014 by Katherine Tweed

China has mandated that at least 30% of government vehicles purchased in the next two years must be fueled by alternative energy. The plan for "new-energy vehicles" includes electric cars, plug-in hybrids and hydrogen electric fuel cell vehicles, according to an announcement reported on by Bloomberg News.[read more]

State Action Plan Helps Power Up Electric Vehicle Market

May 30, 2014 by NRDC Switchboard

The release of an action plan by state governments that hope to boost the visibility and use of electric vehicles is yet another sign the nation is moving deliberately toward getting gas-burners off the highways and cleaning up air pollution caused by petroleum-powered vehicles.[read more]

The EV Wedge: How Electric Vehicle Fuel Savings Vary By Country (and Car)

March 22, 2014 by Lindsay Wilson

EV Wedge

If you’d asked me to define the ‘Electric Vehicle Wedge’ a few years ago I would have chuckled a little, and suggested it was the small pile of cash you needed to afford one. But due to falling EV prices and rising gasoline prices that snark is utterly outdated.[read more]

A Solar Car for the Masses?

February 25, 2014 by Geoffrey Styles

It’s car show season again, with the annual crop of car-model launches. My biggest regret in missing this year's Washington DC Auto Show was not seeing the Ford “C-MAX Solar Energi” concept, an unlikely marriage of electric vehicle (EV) and solar photovoltaic panels (PV).[read more]

California's Grid Takes Two Big Steps To Add More Renewables And EVs

January 6, 2014 by Silvio Marcacci

California Grid

California already leads the United States in most measures of the clean energy economy, but two new initiatives by the state’s grid operator could ensure the Golden State’s electricity system can handle far more renewables, electric vehicles, and power demand.[read more]

Can We Have Some EV Sanity?

December 7, 2013 by Lou Grinzo

Finally, at long last, there’s word that Nissan might give Leaf buyers an option about battery size. Instead of trying to guess which one battery size will make your EV product offering the most profitable, why not give the customer at least two options, as Tesla does?[read more]

Can California Charge Ahead To One Million EVs Within Ten Years?

November 21, 2013 by Silvio Marcacci

California Policy and EVs

Just how much can putting one million electric vehicles on the road in California save lives and boost the green economy? That’s the question being answered by the Charge Ahead California campaign, a new initiative launched by a coalition of environmental and public health groups.[read more]

India, Oil, And Electric Vehicles

November 21, 2013 by Justin Guay

India, Oil, and EVs

As India reels from a perfect storm of increasing fossil fuel import bills, capital outflows, and a stagnating economic environment attention to its current account deficit has grown exponentially. I've written on the threat coal imports pose in the past but the biggest threat from fossil fuel imports is clearly oil.[read more]

Charging Ahead Towards Dollar-a-Gallon Clean Fuel

November 18, 2013 by Max Baumhefner

Clean Fuel Price Future

The Charge Ahead California campaign to deploy one million electric cars, trucks, and buses in the state within ten years. The campaign’s goal marks an important milestone on our path towards a zero emission vehicle fleet needed to meet California’s long-term climate goals.[read more]

Study: Fast Charging Key to Electric Vehicle Adoption

November 18, 2013 by Katherine Tweed

Electric Vehicles and Charging

Fast chargers, which can charge the car batteries in as little as 30 minutes, make up about 3 percent of more than 12,000 public chargers. Despite being a fraction of chargers, nearly half of drivers with long-range battery electric vehicles used a quick charger in the past 30 days, and about one-third of mid-range EV drivers.[read more]


Can Canada Achieve Emission Reduction Targets By Incentivizing Electric Car Adoption?

November 15, 2013 by Anand Srinivasan

EV Incentives and Canada

Canada is among the world's biggest emitters of greenhouse gases. The country is also seeing terrific growth in the sale of fuel driven cars. Can the country meet its Copenhagen Accord target to reduce emissions by 17% by 2020?[read more]

Electric Vehicles Speeding Toward 7% Of All Global Sales By 2020

October 3, 2013 by Silvio Marcacci

Electric Vehicle Sales

Hybrid vehicles may have had the pole position so far in the race to a sustainable transportation future, but electric-only vehicles are about to pull even – and they’re both quickly becoming a significant part of global vehicle sales.[read more]

Record Sales of Electric Cars Drives Revival of Loan Program

September 8, 2013 by NRDC Switchboard

Electric Car Sales

With sales of electric and other fuel-efficient cars hitting new highs in the U.S., the timing for DOE to restart its auto retooling program couldn’t be better. The auto retooling loan program can put the U.S. auto industry in the best possible position to compete.[read more]

Energy Efficiency: Electric Cars Rising in the South

August 30, 2013 by NRDC Switchboard

EV Growth in the South

With climate changed-fueled wildfires raging in the West, the cost of unabated climate change is becoming increasingly clear. We need clean energy, not just California but across the US. That's why a hopeful trend caught my eye, the rise of electric cars in the South.[read more]