Solar Energy at Grid Parity in Utah, a Coal State With No RPS

June 24, 2014 by Eric Wesoff

Utah and Solar Grid Parity

The Utah solar experiment is officially underway as the state races from near-zero solar to potentially bringing hundreds of megawatts of PV online. The Beehive State has great solar and land resources. However, the state does not yet have an RPS and burns cheap coal for the majority of its power.[read more]

Utah’s Blue Castle Project gets $30 million

July 1, 2010 by Dan Yurman

New York private investment firm stake in nuclear energy project Blue Castle Holdings, the developer of a planned nuclear power plant in Green River, Utah, announced an agreement with LeadDog Capital, a specialist in microcap companies, for private equity funding of $30 million in exchange for common stock in the project.  The IPO...[read more]

Reality intrudes on California’s energy dreams

September 20, 2009 by Dan Yurman

Governor goes pro-nuclear and so do the people who want his jobWhat is it about California that always twists what the rest of the country takes for reality into a pretzel? For more than three decades the state has banned the construction of new nuclear power plants. At the same time it is one of the nation’s top 10 in terms of energy...[read more]

Daneros Utah uranium mine permit delayed

August 9, 2009 by Dan Yurman

BLM State Office to review environmental assessment Some of this content was also published in Fuel Cycle Week V8:N327 on 07/29/09 by International Nuclear Associates, Washington, DC Two Utah environmental groups have temporarily gained the upper  hand in a dispute over the quality of an environmental assessment [EA] for the...[read more]

A Lost Litigation Opportunity

March 18, 2009 by Robert Rapier

While the so-called 'hot gas' issue has been discussed here several times before, there are new developments out in California that have Oil Watchdog and the $295/hr lawyer behind this 'consumer organization' crying over lost litigation opportunities. Given the time, effort, and money they have put into this issue, the events described...[read more]