Stephen Chu

The Past, Present, and New Year of U.S. Clean Energy Policy

January 8, 2013 by Matthew Stepp

When President Barack Obama was inaugurated on January 20, 2009, clean energy was largely a policymaking afterthought. Federal investment in clean energy research and development (R&D) stood at just over $4 billion a year – less than 40 percent of its peak in the 1970’s. It’s an understatement to say a lot has changed in the four years since.[read more]

Why Tax Credits Are Critical to the Wind for Growth

July 13, 2012 by Nathanael Greene

Pedro Salaverría/Shutterstock

Today, Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu visited Ingeteam, a wind and solar equipment manufacturer in Milwaukee. The visit showcased the company’s recent $21 million expansion and the 275 jobs the company has created or plans to add by 2015. It also indirectly demonstrated the growing wind energy industry in the state of...[read more]

Is the Natural Gas Boom A Boon For Fuel Cell Infrastructure?

June 25, 2012 by Jim Pierobon

Here’s another game-changer in the making brought to you by America’s burgeoning supplies of shale natural gas: alternative fuel vehicles and distributed power generation using fuel cells.Emboldened by low prices and booming supplies of natural gas in the U.S , the American fuel cell industry is clawing its way back from the brink.The...[read more]

Energy Sec. Chu rescues USEC

June 16, 2012 by Dan Yurman

It was the Huntsman who kissed Snow White to wake her up In a popular movie now in theatres, and in a twist to the fairy tale, the Huntsman is ordered to take Snow White into the woods to be killed. But he winds up becoming her protector and mentor in a quest to vanquish the Evil Queen. In the traditional fairy tale, a handsome prince...[read more]