California Solar Initiative (CSI)

The End of a Solar Era: The Legacy of the California Solar Initiative

November 6, 2014 by Stephen Lacey

California Solar Initiative Support

Over the last decade, most leading solar markets have faced a dramatic slowdown after starting out strong. American states such as Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and New Jersey have also gone through boom-bust cycles. And then there's California, which has had a much different experience.[read more]

California's Landmark Solar Deployment Program, the CA Solar Initiative, has Successfully Lifted the State's Distributed Solar Industry into Orbit

June 23, 2014 by NRDC Switchboard

California Solar Development

The California Solar Initiative (CSI), which got underway way back in 2006, is nearing its full solar energy deployment goal for one of its major program components, and it is doing so approximately two years ahead of what was scheduled.[read more]

Third-Party Financing and Rebates for Solar Hot Water

June 26, 2013 by Herman Trabish

Skyline Innovations has been named to the California Solar Initiative’s short list of official solar hot water system data providers -- making it eligible for rebates.[read more]

California Solar Energy Initiative Is Ending: What Has It Left Behind?

June 18, 2013 by Severin Borenstein

California Solar Energy

Nearly all the money has been spent, and the California Solar Initiative is winding down. The direct CSI subsidy for installing PV panels on your house, which started at $2.50 per watt is now just $0.20 per watt.[read more]

California Surpasses 1 Gigawatt of Solar Energy Generation

January 15, 2013 by Kristopher Settle

Solar Energy via Shutterstock

The California Solar Initiative (CSI) announced at the end of last week the State of California has officially surpassed one gigawatt, (GW) or 1,000 megawatts (MW) of energy generation during the month of December. In all, they were able to install 1,066 MW by the end of 2012. Even though the panels don’t produce as much energy when the...[read more]

California Hits Solar Power Milestone

July 12, 2012 by Antonio Pasolini

Flickr/David Atkeson

1.255 GW of solar power is now generated from more than 122,000 rooftops across California. “California’s solar success is unmatched in the nation,” said CPUC President Michael R. Peevey. “In the first quarter of 2012, there has already been 97 megawatts of solar installed.[read more]

Community Scale Solar Power

August 19, 2011 by Jonathan Smith

John Farrell says, “‘Community scale’ solar is likely to provide the best combination of affordability, speed, and opportunity for local economic benefit.” But, what does he mean by “community scale” and does it fit with Big Eddie’s concept of centralized power (Sig Heil!). There are two good sources of solar installed cost in the U.S....[read more]