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Mobile Money: The Answer to Sustaining Revenue for Off-Grid Energy Service Providers?

October 27, 2015 by Varun Mehra

Off-Grid Energy Financing

Providing access to electricity is a pressing need for over a billion people on this planet. Off-grid solutions can be attractive in areas where the centralized grid may not have reached. But the high overhead and transaction costs associated with providing off-grid solutions can be problematic for these businesses.[read more]

Norway's Oil Production Increases, but New Investment is Declining

October 16, 2015 by U.S. EIA: Today in Energy

Norway and Oil

Norwegian petroleum and other liquids production, which had been declining since 2001, increased in 2014 and will likely continue increasing in 2015. The production growth in 2014 was mainly the result of new fields coming online, but also included a small increase in output from existing fields.[read more]

The Fossil Fuel Subsidy Red Herring

May 14, 2015 by Alex Trembath

Fossil Fuel Policy and Subsidies

Every few months we hear another round of passionate recommendations that fossil fuel subsidies be phased out to level the playing field for clean energy. Sounds sensible, but there’s reason to think that eliminating fossil fuel subsidies wouldn’t be nearly as transformative as is often suggested.[read more]

The Case for Interest Free Sustainable Energy Financing

May 12, 2015 by Jim Baird

Financing Sustainability and Reducing Risk

There is no reason for private international and domestic financial institutions to make enormous, absolutely risk free profits on the back of the clean energy investments required over the next four decades. The world runs on energy, not on interest.[read more]

The Three Principles that Guide Randall Abramson's Oil and Gas Investment Strategy

May 1, 2015 by Jim Patrick

Randall Abramson, CFA, is CEO and portfolio manager of Trapeze Asset Management Inc., a firm he cofounded in 1999 shortly after founding its affiliate broker dealer, Trapeze Capital Corp. Abramson was named one of Canada's 'Stock Market Superstars' in Bob Thompson's Stock Market Superstars.[read more]

Teck Resources: Rough Road For Oil Sands Investments

April 22, 2015 by Deborah Lawrence

Teck Resources, a Canadian company that built its business on mining of minerals and metallurgical coal, has ventured more recently into two major oil sands projects in Alberta, including the Fort Hills Mine and the proposed Frontier Mine. Teck has reported significant financial losses over the past three years[read more]

Technology and Financing Team up for Major Energy Projects

December 4, 2014 by Kirk Edelman

Supporting Energy Projects

As low energy prices in the United States continue to solidify the country’s position as an ideal investment location for companies, my company is on the ground making sure these investment projects flourish by offering investment solutions ranging from advisory services to debt and equity capital.[read more]

Can Nuclear Energy Secure Financing? Nuclear Power and the Capital Challenge

August 27, 2014 by Milton Caplan

Paying for Nuclear Plants

Quite often we hear about the problem of attracting financing to support new build nuclear projects. While it is easy to agree that financing nuclear projects is a big challenge, in my view difficulty securing financing is not the issue – rather it is a symptom of a number of other very important issues that are the root cause.[read more]

How Badly Is the Wave and Tidal Industry Struggling? Likely Worse Than You Thought

August 19, 2014 by Stephen Lacey

A decade after the surge of attention in marine energy technologies, the industry has not been able to overcome severe technical and financial challenges. As a result, installations have remained at pilot scale, while financing has been largely limited to government programs for testing and demonstrations.[read more]

Randall Abramson: Juniors Clean Up Behind the Elephant Hunters

June 27, 2014 by Jim Patrick

Randall Abramson is CEO of Trapeze Asset Management Inc., a firm he cofounded in 1999. Abramson was named one of Canada's 'Stock Market Superstars' in Bob Thompson's Stock Market Superstars: Secrets of Canada's Top Stock Pickers.[read more]

How Will Renewable Energy Be Financed in 2014?

January 30, 2014 by Herman Trabish

Representatives from JPMorgan Capital, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America Merrill Lynch who spoke at this week's Cost of Capital event agreed that tax equity and bank debt should continue to provide the backing that renewables need this year.[read more]

Survey Lists the Best and Worst Financial Funds When it Comes to Climate Change Risk

December 13, 2013 by Kevin Grandia

A new survey released recently finds that many major institutional investors, like retirement funds and insurance companies, are putting their investments (read: your money) at risk by not addressing the negative financial impacts posed by climate change and atmospheric disruption.[read more]

What's All This About The World Bank Not Financing Any More Nukes?

December 4, 2013 by Tina Casey

Nuclear and the World Bank

As the cleanup drama continues to unspool around the tsunami-damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan, the Internets have been cheering the news that the World Bank will not be financing any more such facilities in the future. That’s nice, really, except that it’s not exactly news.[read more]

New Guidelines Spur India's Solar Mission, But Financing Solutions Still Needed

October 15, 2013 by NRDC Switchboard

India’s solar energy market is heating up this month as the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy releases its Phase 2 guidelines that will govern the next batch of solar energy project bids for funding through the National Solar Mission.[read more]

5 Reasons Good Energy Projects Don't Get Financed

July 26, 2013 by Elias Hinckley

Energy Projects

Most energy projects never get beyond the development process. Looking beyond poor fundamental economics, here are some common reasons that otherwise good energy projects can't attract the necessary financing and never get built.[read more]