#EnergyChat: Will the Keystone XL Pipeline Increase Carbon Emissions? [VIDEO]

February 8, 2014 by Jesse Jenkins

Keystone XL Discussion

Last Friday, the U.S. State Department released its final environmental impact statement for the Keystone XL pipeline, thrusting the controversial project back into the news and reigniting a long-simmering debate. The final EIS gave ammunition to both sides of the debate.[read more]


Why Keystone XL is a Fight Worth Fighting

February 8, 2014 by Daniel Kessler

The numbers in Robert Rapier’s recent Keystone XL post are spot on. It’s true that the 170 billion barrels found in the Athabasca tar sands reserve alone won’t cook the planet, just as it’s true that one Big Mac won’t make you fat and one cigarette won’t give you cancer.[read more]


Will the Keystone XL Pipeline Significantly Increase Carbon Emissions? The Numbers Behind the KXL Debate [UPDATED]

February 3, 2014 by Jesse Jenkins

The State Department released an updated final environmental impact statement for Keystone XL that buoyed the hopes of pipeline advocates and opponents alike and gave Secretary of State John Kerry and President Barack Obama considerable leeway to make their final decision on the project.[read more]

Will the Keystone XL Pipeline Be Approved? New State Department Environmental Report Buoys Both Sides

February 3, 2014 by Elana Schor

The State Department gave hope to both sides of Keystone XL debate in a report that made few changes to its earlier conclusion, that rejecting the pipeline would not stop development of the emissions-intensive Canadian oil sands, while staying mum on the overarching impact of the controversial project.[read more]

How I Would Decide the Keystone XL Pipeline Issue

December 1, 2011 by Robert Rapier

The following is a lengthy essay explaining why I would approve the Keystone pipeline despite finding myself on the side of those concerned over the negative environmental impact of tar sands development. I will debunk much of the misinformation going on in the pipeline debate and ultimately lay out my conclusions. I intend for this to...[read more]


Keystone XL, One Head of the Hydra

November 25, 2011 by David Lewis

In ancient Greek mythology, the Hydra was a deadly monster that had many heads.  If one was cut off two grew in its place.    Killing Keystone XL won't stop Canada from developing its tar sand deposit.  Even if no new pipeline crossing the US border is ever approved, US ability to import as much tar...[read more]