Durban Platform for Enhanced Action


International climate negotiations: Moving parts and much-more slowly moving national interests

May 25, 2012 by Robert Stowe

What's the deal with all these international climate negotiations? Do they actually accomplish anything? Great post in anticipation of Rio +20.[read more]

Climate Negotiators Open a New Round

May 22, 2012 by Elliot Diringer

A new round of climate talks opened this week in Bonn, Germany, with the ambitious goal of reaching a comprehensive legal agreement “applicable to all Parties” by 2015.Countries agreed to launch the new round last December in Durban, South Africa, as part of a package deal that also keeps the Kyoto Protocol alive, at least for...[read more]

A Surprise Ending for Durban

December 11, 2011 by Shira Honig

The Durban conference on climate change ended on a much better note than many expected, but continued to delay the toughest questions for at least three years.The final outcome of the conference, COP-17, is a two-page, breakthrough document called the “Durban Platform for Enhanced Action” that commits all countries to a legally binding...[read more]