Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.)

Yucca Mountain is Dead. Long Live Yucca Mountain!

December 4, 2012 by Steve Skutnik

Last October, during the Republican primaries, I made a prediction regarding the future of Yucca Mountain - namely, don't bet on it. Not, of course, because it's particularly deficient on a technical level (it's not perfect, but you can judge the science that went into it for yourself.) But rather, the battle for Yucca mountain left its...[read more]

Sen. Majority Leader Reid: ‘Climate Change Is An Extremely Important Issue For Me, And I Hope We Can Address It’

November 9, 2012 by Joseph Romm

We are seeing a unique confluence of events put a carbon tax squarely back into the national debate: the debt crisis and fiscal cliff, Hurricane Sandy, and the results of the 2012 election.Sen. Majority Leader Reid said Wednesday:“Climate change is an extremely important issue for me and I hope we can address it reasonably. It’s...[read more]

Svinicki nomination at the Senate

May 16, 2012 by Dan Yurman

The White House finds itself in the role of supporting a Republican for reappointment to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory CommissionThe pretzel politics of life in Washington took on new twists this month. The White House nominated sitting NRC Commissioner Kristine Svinicki for another term over the objections of Senate Majority Leader Harry...[read more]

Bad Blood Boils Over At The NRC

December 12, 2011 by Dan Yurman

Four commissioners write to the House Oversight Committee blaming Chairman Gregory Jaczko about a toxic atmosphereUpdate: 12/13/11: White House issues apology from JaczkoNext Wednesday December 14 the House Oversight Committee will hold a very unusual hearing in which four NRC Commissioners will air their complaints about NRC...[read more]