Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy (ARPA-E)


ARPA-E Still Pushing Boundaries of Clean Energy in Fragile Budget Environment

September 30, 2013 by Matthew Stepp

ARPA-E and Energy Innovation

Last week, the Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy announced support for 33 projects aimed at developing the clean energy transportation sector. The projects are notable because Washington’s current fragile budget and policy environment.[read more]

Focus on Teams, Customers, and Taking CleanTech to Market: Mid-Atlantic Energy Forum

April 19, 2013 by Scott Edward Anderson

EV market

Cleantech business model innovations that can scale, focus on the customer, and disrupt their industry will win in the current market -- as long as they have a strong team and financial rigor.[read more]

ARPA-E: Cleantech Innovation and the Pursuit of Decarbonization

March 26, 2013 by Clifton Yin

testing biofuels on USS Nimitz

Cutting transportation sector emissions is critical to mitigating climate change. New research initiatives signal government recognition of the importance of transportation decarbonization and the need for innovative technologies.[read more]

Bloomberg to Natural Gas Industry: Embrace Sensible Regulations, Renewables

February 28, 2013 by Jim Pierobon

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg used the 2013 ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit near Washington, DC to prod the oil and gas industry to stop resisting efforts to forge “sensible” regulations.[read more]

Tesla CEO on Loan Payback to DOE, NYT Feud

February 27, 2013 by Christina Nunez

Tesla CEO Elon Musk offered a sort of parting gift to Energy Secretary Steven Chu Tuesday, as the pair were about to conclude a session at the ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit near Washington, D.C.[read more]

Energy Innovation: Focus on Natural Gas in the U.S.

February 27, 2013 by Jim Pierobon

You may have heard it before from Texas oilman T. Boone Pickens about the potential for natural gas produced in the U.S. But featuring him at this year’s ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit Tuesday put a new spin on the benefits of America becoming more energy self-sufficient.[read more]

The Quiet Clean Energy Innovation Revolution at the Department of Energy

January 15, 2013 by Matthew Stepp

America’s clean energy policy has gone through significant changes in the last four years: game-changing public investments in clean energy innovation, funding for ARPA-E, and the creation of collaborative science and research hubs to name a few. Nonetheless, policymakers and clean energy experts all agree that it isn’t enough to address...[read more]

The Past, Present, and New Year of U.S. Clean Energy Policy

January 8, 2013 by Matthew Stepp

When President Barack Obama was inaugurated on January 20, 2009, clean energy was largely a policymaking afterthought. Federal investment in clean energy research and development (R&D) stood at just over $4 billion a year – less than 40 percent of its peak in the 1970’s. It’s an understatement to say a lot has changed in the four years since.[read more]

Guessing The Next Energy Secretary

December 6, 2012 by Matthew Stepp

Stephen Chu/


Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Steven Chu is widely expected to leave the administration and there has already been widespread speculation about his possible replacement. The Washington Post, National Journal, Politico, Greentech Media, and E&E have all compiled lists of possible contenders. But do any of them have a clear understanding of the innovation process?[read more]

Can Reforming the Department of Energy Reinvigorate Clean Energy in Obama's 2nd Term?

December 4, 2012 by Matthew Stepp

As my colleague Clifton Yin and I have written recently, U.S. clean energy innovation policy is at an inflection point. The decisions made in the coming months and years will shape America’s ability to address its climate and energy challenges as well as its international competitiveness in the clean tech industry. As such,...[read more]

ARPA-E Hands Out $130M For Cutting-Edge Energy Tech

November 29, 2012 by Nino Marchetti

“The 66 projects selected today represent the true mission of ARPA-E: swinging for the fences and trying to hit home runs to support development of the most innovative technologies and change what’s possible for America’s energy future,” Energy Secretary Steven Chu said in a statement.[read more]

Candidates & Energy 2012: Obama

September 28, 2012 by Geoffrey Styles

It's curious that energy hasn't been as big an issue in this year's presidential campaign as it was in 2008, the year of "Drill, baby, drill."  The price of unleaded regular gasoline has averaged roughly a dime per gallon higher through September than either last year or the same period in 2008, when prices peaked at $4.11...[read more]

Devil is in the Details: Comparing the Candidates’ Energy Innovation Policies

September 21, 2012 by Matthew Stepp

Energy Innovation Concept via Shutterstock

Last week, ITIF released a side-by-side comparison of President Obama’s and Governor Romney’s technology and innovation policies. As with nearly all policy areas, on energy innovation, we see common goals but often dramatic divergence on how to achieve them.At a very high level, there is some agreement between the candidates on climate...[read more]

Can a New Computer Model Revolutionise Carbon Capture?

September 11, 2012 by Clifton Yin

Researchers affiliated with the University of Minnesota, the University of California (UC), Berkeley, and the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have developed a breakthrough computer model that can identify the best molecules for capturing carbon from power plant stacks. The model greatly accelerates...[read more]

Ambri and Utility-Scale Storage: Another Emerging Story of Government Investment in Energy Innovation

September 5, 2012 by Clifton Yin

Utility-scale energy storage start-up Ambri is emerging as a potential clean energy game changer, but is also a budding story of the role of government in supporting breakthrough technologies. Its potential impact cannot be overstated. Utility-scale energy storage is critical for making clean energy-produced electricity a viable option...[read more]