Clean Energy Group

What Role Should the State's Play in Boosting the Clean Economy?

January 12, 2012 by Matthew Stepp

Currently, near-term-focused clean energy policies fall well short of spurring the kind of transformative energy technologies we need. To realize drastic carbon emission cuts, we need significantly better clean technologies in energy storage, solar, electric vehicles, critical materials and biofuels that are cheaper than their fossil fuel equivalents without subsidy in addition to the incremental improvements spurred by deployment policies.[read more]

New Brookings Paper Praises State Clean Energy Funds Amidst Washington Paralysis

January 12, 2012 by Alex Trembath

State-level clean energy funds (CEFs) are a growing source of investment in nascent clean energy markets, according to a new report from the Brookings Institution Project on State and Metropolitan Innovation. The paper, co-authored by Post-Partisan Power collaborator Mark Muro and the Clean Energy Group's Lew Milford, highlights the...[read more]