Energy Roundtable

Can increased energy access levels go hand-in-hand with lowering our climate emissions?

June 21, 2012 by Charles Arthur

Pavel Ignatov/Shutterstock

"Rio +20 is occurring as we enter a phase of planetary emergency - we've recently surpassed 400 ppm in the Arctic, biodiversity loss is occurring at an exponential pace and global warming is magnifying global abnormal weather conditions. The political will to be proactive about these conditions seems to have evaporated. So how do we...[read more]

Rio+20 Needs An Ideas Overhaul To Address Global Challenges

June 21, 2012 by Matthew Stepp


For advocates of all things “green”, the Rio+20 Summit is supposed to charter a new path forward for the world to address its biggest challenges: reduce greenhouse gas emissions, eradicate poverty, end hunger, limit environmental destruction and increase access to clean water. But like recent climate change negotiations, the conference will result in little more than vague frameworks.[read more]