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What Put California at the Top of Residential Solar?

May 27, 2015 by Severin Borenstein

Solar in California

California leads the nation in residential solar photovoltaic installations. In fact, nearly half of all systems installed have been in the Golden State. So why is California the leader? Sure, California has plenty of sunshine, but there are many other states that can compete on that dimension.[read more]

The Revolution will be Solarized

April 7, 2015 by EDF Energy Exchange

Is the Future a Solar One?

There’s a clean energy revolution happening in California, which is not only producing the most solar power in the country – 8.5 gigawatts, enough to power two million homes – it’s producing more solar power than the rest of the country combined.[read more]

Study: Solar PV in the Built Environment Could Power California Nearly 5 Times Over

March 24, 2015 by Stephen Lacey

In 2007, when the cost of a rooftop solar system hovered around $8 per watt, engineer and solar advocate Bill Powers proposed an ambitious plan: replace a proposed transmission line for Southern California with 2,000 megawatts of PV systems across San Diego.[read more]

California Continues to Set Daily Records for Utility-Scale Solar Energy

June 26, 2014 by U.S. EIA: Today in Energy

California Solar

On Sunday, June 1, 2014, the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) recorded a record midday hourly peak of 4,767 megawatts of alternating current of utility-generated solar generated electricity delivered into the California electricity grid.[read more]

California Moves Closer to Streamlined Solar Energy Permitting

June 3, 2014 by Eric Wesoff

California and Solar Permitting

The California legislature just moved a little bit closer to reducing some of the various "soft costs" of installing solar energy systems with an assembly bill that is meant to streamline the permitting and inspection process for small residential solar energy systems.[read more]

The Promise of Shared Renewables: Will California's SB 43 Bring Solar for All?

May 7, 2014 by Rosana Francescato

California Shared Renewables

Large portions of consumers don’t have access to solar and other renewables. Whether they rent, have a shaded roof, or can’t participate for a number of other reasons, by conservative estimates 75% of Americans can’t go solar. And solar provides long-term benefits that we’d all like to share in.[read more]


How Big Is The World's Biggest Solar Farm?

April 8, 2014 by Robert Wilson

Solar Energy Farms and Space Needs

In the last few months we have seen both the world's largest solar bridge and the world's largest solar farm open. The bridge was opened in London, a city so famous for its fog that they named a fashion label after it. The farm was built in the middle of the Californian desert.[read more]

Solar Energy Usage Shattering Records in California as New Capacity Comes On-Line

March 22, 2014 by Herman Trabish

Solar and California

California is setting records for solar energy usage so fast that the state’s grid operator has had to change its protocol for announcing them. The instantaneous use of solar by the California Independent System Operator (the ISO) reached a record peak of 4,143 megawatts at 2:28 p.m. on March 16.[read more]

Four New Rulings Will Boost Solar Energy and Storage in California

October 17, 2013 by Stephen Lacey

It's often the hand of regulators and legislators that guides the direction of regulated utilities, rather than the hand of the free market. And when it comes to renewable-energy-friendly legislation, the summer and fall of 2013 were mostly unicorns and rainbows.[read more]

US Innovation: Top States For Solar Energy

August 9, 2013 by Joshua Hill

Solar Energy States

NerdWallet have compiled the top 5 states in the US for residential solar energy, according to four specific criteria. Top of the pile was California, thanks to a sunny location, the pioneering of solar energy leasing, and great cash-back incentives.[read more]

Solar Energy: The New Gold Rush?

July 13, 2013 by Billy Parish

California continues to be a place where people know a valuable thing when they see it. In our most recent "gold rush," it was microchips and computer code. Now we're on the verge of realizing a major new opportunity. Call it the solar rush.[read more]

Los Angeles Crowdsources Solar Energy Generation

June 30, 2013 by Antonio Pasolini

Crowdsourcing and Solar Energy

Last week a new video premiered at the 7th Annual LABC Sustainability Summit. The video celebrates CLEAN LA Solar, touted as the U.S.’s largest urban rooftop solar program.[read more]

California Solar Energy Initiative Is Ending: What Has It Left Behind?

June 18, 2013 by Severin Borenstein

California Solar Energy

Nearly all the money has been spent, and the California Solar Initiative is winding down. The direct CSI subsidy for installing PV panels on your house, which started at $2.50 per watt is now just $0.20 per watt.[read more]

Sad Saga of San Onofre Nuclear Is Good News for Renewables

June 11, 2013 by Herman Trabish

San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station

The two-reactor nuclear facility, 78 percent owned and entirely operated by Southern California Edison, went on-line in 1983-1984 and was taken offline in January 2012 after detection of radioactive steam leaks.[read more]

US Solar PV Demand To Grow 20 Percent In 2013

June 6, 2013 by Joshua Hill

US Solar PV demand

The latest NPD Solarbuzz North America PV Markets Quarterly has forecast growing US demand for solar photovoltaic panels throughout the rest of 2013 towards a near-20% increase over 2012 levels.[read more]