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SunEdison's Next Market: Solar Minigrids and Micropower Stations for the Energy Poor

March 7, 2015 by Katherine Tweed

In a conference room in Manhattan, large screens glowed with the SunEdison logo. The gathering was not a sales pitch for SunEdison, argued CEO Ahmad Chatila. “We hope next year there will be many more companies here with us, and more after that,” Chatila told the audience during an impromptu address.[read more]

Public Policy, Private Investment Needed to Keep EV Market Growing in 2015

January 13, 2015 by Nick Nigro

EV Policy and Investment in 2015

Sales of electric vehicles (EVs) were up 25 percent last year, and automakers are looking to boost sales further in 2015 with new and updated models. Growth in the EV market will require smart public and private strategies to expand charging infrastructure so motorists don’t have to worry about running out of juice.[read more]

Off-Grid, Clean Energy Access Market Valued at $12 Billion

June 23, 2014 by Justin Guay

Off-Grid Energy Market Worth

One in five people around the world, approximately 1.3 billion people, lack access to electricity. The Sierra Club is released a new report -- "Clean Energy Services For All (CES4All)" -- showing that off-grid clean energy is the right tool for the energy access job.[read more]

Smart Thermostat Market Will Grow 10-Fold by 2020

November 3, 2013 by Katherine Tweed

Smart Thermostat Market Growth

The global smart thermostat market could be worth nearly $1.4 billion by 2020, up from about $100 million today, according to a new market study. The report takes a conservative approach to some market barriers, particularly utility involvement in the U.S. residential market.[read more]

Fracking May Provide Most of US Energy Despite Environmental Concerns [INFOGRAPHIC]

October 4, 2013 by Mia Shaw

Fracking and US Energy

If fracking continues, it will provide over half the energy supply of the U.S. in 2 years. Proponents of farcking also argue that natural gas could replace coal and oil as the major energy source worldwide, subsequently reducing CO2 emissions by more than 50 percent.[read more]

Electric Vehicles Speeding Toward 7% Of All Global Sales By 2020

October 3, 2013 by Silvio Marcacci

Electric Vehicle Sales

Hybrid vehicles may have had the pole position so far in the race to a sustainable transportation future, but electric-only vehicles are about to pull even – and they’re both quickly becoming a significant part of global vehicle sales.[read more]


Energy Storage Is Ready To Earn a Scalable Role in Utility and Commercial Portfolios

October 1, 2013 by Jim Pierobon

Emerging Role of Energy Storage


After a series of financial setbacks and exhaustive regulatory deliberations, energy storage fed by renewables is set to earn a scalable role due largely to a new mandate in California and market rules and incentives in the PJM Interconnection. But will it? Can it?[read more]

Record Sales of Electric Cars Drives Revival of Loan Program

September 8, 2013 by NRDC Switchboard

Electric Car Sales

With sales of electric and other fuel-efficient cars hitting new highs in the U.S., the timing for DOE to restart its auto retooling program couldn’t be better. The auto retooling loan program can put the U.S. auto industry in the best possible position to compete.[read more]

Germany Sets Another Record: 5.1 Terawatt-Hours of Solar Energy in July

September 1, 2013 by Stephen Lacey

German Solar Energy Record

Germany set a new record in July by providing 5.1 terawatt-hours of electricity from solar, beating its record production of 5.0 terawatt-hours from wind in January. These records are impressive even for a country that owns nearly a third of the world’s solar capacity.[read more]

Energy Efficiency: Electric Cars Rising in the South

August 30, 2013 by NRDC Switchboard

EV Growth in the South

With climate changed-fueled wildfires raging in the West, the cost of unabated climate change is becoming increasingly clear. We need clean energy, not just California but across the US. That's why a hopeful trend caught my eye, the rise of electric cars in the South.[read more]

Global AC Needs Could Grow 50 Times Greater Than US Demand

August 24, 2013 by Stephen Lacey

World Air Conditioning Growth

America used to be the king of car sales, but China took that crown in 2009. America also used to be the world's biggest polluter, but China now has that dubious distinction as well. Now China could be set to surpass the U.S. in air conditioning use. By a lot.[read more]

Report: United States Solar Energy Market is Thriving

August 16, 2013 by NRDC Switchboard

US Solar Thriving

Solar is so hot right now. With a foundation of consistent, long-term deployment policies at both the federal and state levels, solar PV in the U.S. is leading an unparalleled price decline on the strength of enduring high demand from U.S. consumers.[read more]

Global Cleantech Industry Growing Despite Challenging Conditions

August 16, 2013 by Joshua Hill

Global advisory services leader EY have released a new report which indicates that despite challenging market conditions, cleantech companies are finding their feet again, with the number of cleantech companies globally growing, despite bankruptcies and consolidation.[read more]

The Power of Wind Energy Compels You to Read This Report

August 9, 2013 by Cai Steger

Wind Energy Industry Growth

Here’s some good news: 2012 was a banner year for American wind power. That’s thanks in large part to federal and state policies and incentives that prioritize clean energy and the jobs, public health and global-warming benefits that come with it.[read more]

Japan's Appetite for Demand Response Awakens

August 2, 2013 by Katherine Tweed

Comverge has made its largest splash in Asia to date with a new regional research and development operation in Japan, and Japan’s utilities have turned their attention to demand-side management as the industry continues to contend with the consequences of Fukushima.[read more]