Costing Damages from Climate Change Offers Only a Partial Guide to Choice of Policy

October 15, 2014 by Adam Whitmore

Many of the costs of climate change are omitted from models, essentially assuming that they are zero. For example, knock-on effects, such as regional conflict from the migration of refugees, are often not modeled, but may be among the largest costs of climate change.[read more]

How Solar Can Help Avoid Conflicts over Water

August 11, 2014 by Rosana Francescato

Water Conflicts and Solar

A new report warns of the danger in overlooking the use of water in conventional forms of electricity generation. The report highlights the role of solar and other renewables in ensuring the world maintains enough water for a growing population, in the face of increasing droughts.[read more]

(Don't) Drill, Baby, Drill: Economic, Environmental, and Military Conflicts Associated with Offshore Drilling

Offshore Drilling Conflicts

In 2008, a 25-year congressional prohibition on offshore drilling off the Atlantic coast ended, opening it up to energy exploration and poising it to be the next energy frontier. The intersection of increased energy prices and rising demand made drilling in this area an appealing endeavor.[read more]

Climate and Conflict [VIDEO]

October 6, 2013 by Tom Schueneman

Climate Conflicts

A recent episode from Dr. Joylette Portlock’s YouTube series, titled 'Don’t Just Sit There, Do Something', discusses the impact of climate change on national and international security, and how global warming can lead to dangerous conflicts.[read more]

Conflict Could Be Good for Energy Investors: Interview with Casey's Marin Katusa

September 16, 2013 by Jim Patrick

Marin Katusa is the chief investment strategist for the energy division of Casey Research. A regular part of his due diligence process for Casey Research includes property tours, visiting hundreds of mining and energy producing and exploration projects all around the world.[read more]

Oil and Gas Limits Underly Syria's Conflict

September 12, 2013 by Gail Tverberg

Energy Consumption

If oil depletion is becoming an increasing problem, I am afraid we can expect increasing conflict in the Middle East, regardless of whether the US chooses to intervene in Syria, because of increased oil depletion. A shortfall in one country can ripple to the next country, on and on.[read more]

Arab Summer: Warming-Fueled Drought Helped Spark Syrian Civil War

September 10, 2013 by Joseph Romm

Warming and Syrian Unrest

Warming-worsened drought is causing problems all around the Mediterranean, especially Syria, and it is now increasingly clear that the climate models that had been predicting the countries surrounding the Mediterranean would start to dry out were correct.[read more]