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environmental impact

What Is The Most Dangerous Impact Of Climate Change?

January 26, 2014 by Joseph Romm

Climate Change Impacts

What is the most dangerous climate change impact? That is a question Tom Friedman begins to get at in his NY Times column, “WikiLeaks, Drought and Syria.” The piece is about a “WikiLeaks cable that brilliantly foreshadowed how environmental stresses would fuel the uprising” in Syria.[read more]

How to Save the World in Ten Days

January 25, 2014 by Sarah Battaglia

Alright, you probably won’t save the world, but with these ten tips, you’ll at least be able to do your part in protecting our planet. If you’re new to the whole “going green” thing, I suggest taking on one of these challenges each day for the next ten days.[read more]

Research Affirms Climate Impacts Are Already Here

December 18, 2013 by Dan Huber

This year saw the release of three notable reports related to climate science. They paint a clear picture: Global warming is largely caused by human actions, climate change impacts are already occurring, and some future impacts could be catastrophic to communities, businesses and ecosystems.[read more]

Oil Sands and the Environment: Part 1

November 12, 2013 by Robert Rapier

Oil Sands and the Environment

I spent the past week in the heart of the Athabasca oil sands in Fort McMurray, Alberta. I was there as a guest of the Canadian government, which hosts annual tours for small groups of journalists and energy analysts. I asked a lot of questions.[read more]

Alberta's New Wetland Policy Gives a Pass to Tar Sands Industry, Ignores Climate Change

September 16, 2013 by Danielle Droitsch

Alberta Wetland Policy

The people of Alberta have sought a policy to protect its valuable wetlands from degradation by the tar sands industry. Over the past eight years, tar sands development has destroyed numerous wetlands in Alberta’s boreal forest, one of North America’s carbon storehouses.[read more]