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future technologies

Battery Technology: Of the Past, but Lifeblood for the Future

March 26, 2014 by John Steller

Batteries and the Future

Before the massive electrical grids and power lines that our current infrastructure relies so heavily upon, batteries were how we made electricity. As batteries advanced, so did our technology. From lead-acid to lithium ion, battery technologies dominate the majority our our appliances, and amenities.[read more]

Advances in Graphene R&D Portend Significant Changes for Energy

March 18, 2014 by Christine Hertzog

Gamechanging technologies don’t just happen overnight. There’s usually substantial time and money invested in basic research and development, a temporary lull as R&D moves into commercialization, and then an infusion of that technology in different product forms into existing infrastructure.[read more]

Why We Need CCS, Part 1: The Basics

February 18, 2014 by Schalk Cloete

CCS Basics

CCS is often neglected as a low-carbon energy option next to renewables and nuclear. Part 1 of this three-part article will make the basic case why CCS is highly likely to actually play a very prominent role in a future climate-constrained world.[read more]

Algae Oil Poised For World Domination, Eventually

December 31, 2013 by Tina Casey

Oil Algae and the Future

Don’t be surprised if you wake up one day to find that the petroleum economy has been nudged aside by a startling diversity of alternative fuels topped by algae oil. The geopolitical implications alone are staggering given that various forms of algae can be cultivated practically anywhere in the world.[read more]

Rare Earth Elements and Sustainable Technology [INFOGRAPHIC]

December 19, 2013 by Tom Schueneman

Rare Earth Elements and Tech

Rare earth elements consist of a group of seventeen chemical elements sectioned together on the periodic table. Since 1950 demand for these elements has exploded as a key component of the technology the drives our modern society.[read more]

Meeting the Energy Needs of the 21st Century: Is it Time for a Real Nuclear Renaissance?

December 5, 2013 by Milton Caplan

Nuclear Power and Energy Need

As I started to read this year’s World Energy Outlook from the International Energy Agency (IEA), it was the very first line in the executive summary that caught my interest. The report starts out with “Many of the long-held tenets of the energy sector are being rewritten.”[read more]

Can 3D Printing Turn Space-Based Solar into a Reality?

December 1, 2013 by Herman Trabish

Space Solar Energy

For space based solar power, there would be two basic steps. First, the 3D printer would build a carbon fiber truss structure that would act as a frame for the system. It would then lay a membrane on the structure of either thin film PV or of reflecting materials, if concentrating solar power was being deployed.[read more]

Will Self-Driving Cars Revolutionize Vehicle Efficiency?

November 19, 2013 by Geoffrey Styles

Self-driving cars, also referred to as autonomous cars, have been in the news for several years. Yet while this could be revolutionary in many ways, the most relevant question for us here concerns their potential to reduce transportation energy demand.[read more]

Infographic: Energy Harvesting in the Future Smart City

October 26, 2013 by Tom Schueneman

Smart Energy Harvesting


With the technology of cities in the future, we will be able to harvest energy from resources we haven't even thought of, including things as basic as the movement of people from one place to another, as this infographic demonstrates.[read more]