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solar development

Is VOST a Tax on Solar? And Is That a Bad Thing?

May 21, 2014 by Rosana Francescato

VOST and Solar Development

Solar advocates around the country express varying views on the Value of Solar Tariff. Being proposed as an alternative to net metering, the policy has its pros and cons -- but some worry that it imposes a tax on solar customers and gives too much control to the utilities.[read more]

Solar for $1/W - Really?

March 29, 2014 by Nigel Morris

Can you get a solar system at under the magical $1/W? You betcha. But I am increasingly of the view that systems priced at these levels are either built with smoke and mirrors or there is a magic formula that a very select number of companies have managed to find.[read more]

Make Solar, Not War

December 9, 2013 by Boyd Arnold

Energy and Conflict

Making the headlines recently has been China’s assertion of a no-fly zone over large parts of the East China Sea. The no-fly zone is a direct provocation towards Japan. What’s flying under the radar is that China and Japan are installing more solar capacity than the rest of the world.[read more]

Australia's Secret Commercial Solar Energy Program

October 28, 2013 by Nigel Morris

Australia and Solar Energy

Every time I go to Melbourne I always, without fail, find something new, creative and fascinating. From its quirky street art, to its staggering array of hidden lane way and rooftop bars this city has an amazingly strong self-identity and it seems to breed an inimitable Melbourne style.[read more]