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future technology


Dollar a Gallon Gasoline

April 2, 2014 by Keith Henson

People have looked resource (and now climate change and global warming) disasters in the face so long that I am not entirely sure they are actually able to deal with something llike good news. It will be interesting to see how much flack I get for this article.[read more]

Technology Emerging in 2014 with Potential to Reshape the Energy Space

March 14, 2014 by Roman Kilisek

Future Technologies

Technology is the main driver for change and for increased productivity in the modern world. But for mankind to continue along this trajectory, appropriate investment is often dependent on the public’s understanding and awareness of promising technologies’ potential, as well as their application.[read more]


Why Digital Oil Fields Are The Future Of The Energy Industry

December 19, 2013 by Anand Srinivasan

Digital Oil Fields

The demand for oil is expected to breach the 100 million barrels per day barrier by 2015. Given the strain on human labour and capital expenditure, this calls for a more sophisticated oil drilling process that is more efficient. The digital oil field is the way forward.[read more]

LUNA RING To Turn Moon Into Solar Power Collector

December 8, 2013 by Joshua Hill


The earthquake and subsequent tsunami that struck Japan in March of 2011 has dealt the country numerous hits — personal, social, and economical, as well as a massive hit to their power infrastructure, with public and international pressure causing the decommissioning of almost all their nuclear reactors.[read more]