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transportation efficiency

LNG Transport Applications Abound; Offer Environmental Benefits

October 31, 2014 by Jared Anderson

LNG Transport

Intermodal transport – where goods arrive at major seaports and are transferred to trucks and trains – presents numerous economic and carbon emissions mitigation opportunities across the value chain by switching from fuels such as diesel to liquid natural gas.[read more]

Pondering Transportation Fuels

March 23, 2014 by Lou Grinzo

Thanks to the snow we got recently, I found myself walking past my Leaf in the garage to the snow blower, which I had to refill with gasoline before clearing out my driveway. While I was pouring about a quart into the snow blower’s tank, I wondered: Would it make sense to run cars on gasoline?[read more]

Planes, Trains, & Pretty Much Everything Else More Efficient Than Cars

January 18, 2014 by Joshua Hill

A new report released by a research professor at the University of Michigan Research Institute looking at data collected from 1970 to 2010 has shown that pretty much every form of transportation is more efficient than the good old-fashioned light-duty vehicle.[read more]