Smart Thermostat Programs Roll on in Texas, Arizona, and Maryland

December 28, 2014 by Katherine Tweed

TXU Energy was one of the first energy retailers to offer a smart thermostat program, way back in 2009. The Texas retailer has now chosen EnergyHub to manage those thermostats, which number in the tens of thousands, according to EnergyHub.[read more]

APS Continues Using Dark Money and Subterfuge to Fight Arizona Rooftop Solar, But Will It Succeed?

April 25, 2014 by Rosana Francescato

Arizona Rooftop Solar

Arizona Public Service (APS), the state’s largest utility, claims neutrality again and again in debates about solar power. But the utility is not convincing solar advocates. And its continued attacks on rooftop solar have strained relationships in Arizona.[read more]

Arizona Preserves Net Metering by Charging a Small Fee to Solar Owners

November 15, 2013 by Herman Trabish

After two days of impassioned public comment on the future of net metering, the Arizona Corporation Commission voted 3-2 yesterday to charge $0.70 per kilowatt to solar owners to help offset utility revenue losses associated with the growth of rooftop solar.[read more]

Arizona Takes Its Algae Biofuel Show On The Road

October 13, 2013 by Tina Casey

Arizona and Biofuels

Arizona is already staking out a leadership position in solar power, and now it’s looking to take the algae biofuel field by storm with a new $8 million Energy Department grant to the University of Arizona. The funding will enable UA to fine tune its proprietary algae farming system.[read more]

The Continuing Saga of Arizona's Solar Energy Policy

June 22, 2013 by Herman Trabish

Arizona Public Service VP Jeff Guldner said the utility wants to “make decisions based on what the costs are. But the solar leasing companies are trying to shut down that discussion.”[read more]

Los Angeles Aims To Be Coal-Free In 12 Years

March 6, 2013 by Joseph Romm

Los Angeles air pollution

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa intends to sign two agreements that will get the city off of coal-generated electricity entirely by 2025[read more]


Arizona: Climate Impact Ground Zero?

January 19, 2012 by David Lewis

"A Great Aridness:  Climate Change and the Future of the American Southwest", the recent book written by William deBuys, is getting some attention. The NYTimes summed up the book by quoting the author:  "The story of the West is essentially a story about water".  The reporter paused then quoted deBuys again:  "and its...[read more]

Is Mount Everest the Best Place for Solar Power?

October 13, 2011 by Geoffrey Styles

A new study on the impact of regional temperature differences on solar generating potential arrives at some surprising conclusions about the world's best locations for solar power. While the US desert southwest still ranks high, as you'd expect, it turns out that some of the best sites may be in places most of us would never suspect,...[read more]

Interstate Commerce in Electric Power – Arizona Policymaker’s 2-Faced View

September 16, 2011 by Michael Giberson

Yesterday the staff of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Az) conducted a “Solar Summit” in Washington, D.C. You can watch all three hours of the program here, or maybe you’d rather read the overview provided by Phil Riske at the Rose Law Group Blog, “Mayes, Spitzer bemoan congressional Republicans ‘retrenching’ against renewable energy funding...[read more]


Utility Integrated Solar Power Grew 100% in 2010

June 22, 2011 by Reginald Norris

Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) has released its latest report which showed that U.S. electric utility providers are including more and more solar power generation in their portfolios and much of this increases is happening outside of California. (Click here for the Executive Summary of the report)The Solar Electric Power...[read more]

Discovering Solar Power in Arizona

May 8, 2011 by Reginald Norris

Arizona has quickly becoming one the best states in the U.S. for solar power. Currently, Arizona ranks as the fourth highest in installed solar PV capacity among U.S. states. In fact, the Arizona solar market made substantial strides in 2010 by installing over 54 megawatts of solar power, doubling its 2009 output of 21 megawatts, again...[read more]

Arizona Regulators Can Require Utilities To Buy Renewable Power Even If It Raises Consumer Rates

April 8, 2011 by Michael Giberson

Michael Giberson The Arizona Court of Appeals has ruled that the Arizona Corporation Commission was acting within its authority when it decided to require utilities to secure a portion of their electric power from renewable resources. The Goldwater Institute had argued that the Commission’s authority was limited to setting rates and that...[read more]

Arizona Solar Power Doubles in 2010

March 10, 2011 by Reginald Norris

Arizona solar made substantial strides in 2010 by installing over 54 megawatts of solar power, doubling its 2009 output of 21 megawatts, ranking it fourth in the U.S. According to a study by the Solar Energy Industries Association and GTM Research, 878 megawatts (MW) of photovoltaic (PV) capacity and 78 MW of concentrating solar power (...[read more]

DOE Finalizes $1.45 Billion Loan Guarantee for Arizona Solar Plant

December 21, 2010 by Mike Gregory

U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu today announced a $1.45 billion loan guarantee has been finalized for Abengoa Solar Inc.'s Solana project, the world's largest parabolic trough concentrating solar plant. Located near Gila Bend, Arizona, the 250-megawatt (MW) project is the first large-scale solar plant in the United States capable of...[read more]

Is Arizona’s Clean Energy Future Clouded by Dirty Politics?

September 7, 2010 by Osha Davidson

Solar panels on ASU parking garage, Tempe, AZ Regular readers of The Phoenix Sun know how important the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) has been to the growth of clean and renewable energy in this sun-drenched state. For example, under the leadership of outgoing chairwoman Kris Mayes (who is term-limited out this year), the ACC...[read more]