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global warming risk

Climate Change-Related Risks and Costs Exist Today

August 25, 2014 by Roman Kilisek

Climate Change Risk and Cost

The risk categories with climate change need to be distinguished: first, risks based on historical data tend to occur with some degree of frequency and therefore can be expected and accounted for. Second, risks that are utterly unexpected and exhibit sudden changes with negative impacts.[read more]


Beyond Paris, Part 3: Overshooting Dangerous Warming Likely, But For How Long?

June 11, 2014 by Matthew Stepp

Global Warming and Growing Risk

Solving climate change is an extremely difficult—even monumental—challenge to address. Carbon emissions come from burning fossil fuels and are deeply embedded in the global economy. Turning on the lights, driving vehicles, powering industry, and living a prosperous life all emit carbon.[read more]

Applying Brainpower to Address the Global Sustainability Crisis

May 20, 2014 by Steven Cohen

The world faces an unprecedented global sustainability crisis. It is caused by various factors, including climate change, the stress on the planet's ecosystems by developed economies, and the drive for economic growth in the developing world.[read more]

Is This Why Heat-Trapping Methane Emissions Are On The Rise?

May 6, 2014 by Joseph Romm

Rise of Methane Emissions

A new international study offers a worrisome answer to the question of why global levels of methane — one of the most potent heat-trapping greenhouse gases — have begun rising again in recent years. The study finds that the rise “likely stems from wetland emissions.”[read more]

Tornadoes, Extreme Weather, And Climate Change

May 3, 2014 by Joseph Romm

Dangerous Weather and Climate Change

The return of tornado season with a vengeance has people asking again about a possible link to climate change. At the same time, tantalizing new preliminary research finds “some evidence to suggest that tornadoes are, in fact, getting stronger.” I talked to the lead scientist behind that research.[read more]

Sustainable Consumption and the Global Environmental Crisis

April 29, 2014 by Steven Cohen

In a series of discussions on Earth Day, I found myself returning to two 1970s reports: 'The Limits to Growth' and 'Mankind at the Turning Point.' While weak on policy design, they did a good job describing the interconnected set of problems that remain at the heart of the world's environmental crisis.[read more]

Global Warming: It Ought to Be Illegal

March 28, 2014 by Jim Baird

Global Warming Effects

The recent MIT article, 'How the ocean reins in global warming,' points out how burying atmospheric heat deep in the ocean delays long-term global warming. Can we be anything but criminally negligent for not acting on this readily apparent knowledge?[read more]

Is the UNFCCC ADP on Track?

March 17, 2014 by David Hone

Last week in Bonn, parties to the UNFCCC met under the direction of the Fourth Part of the Second Session of the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action. In short, this is the process that is trying to deliver a global deal on climate change.[read more]

This Winter was Cold for Some, Not for All

March 14, 2014 by Dan Huber

Winter Temps Worldwide

A lot of folks in the eastern half of the United States are breathing a sigh of relief that spring is just around the corner. But while East Coast and Midwest kids have been sledding and their parents have been shoveling, it has not been cold everywhere. In fact, many areas are unusually warm.[read more]

NASA Study: Climate Sensitivity Is High So 'Long-Term Warming Likely To Be Significant'

March 14, 2014 by Joseph Romm

NASA Study and Long-Term Warming

Yet another new study from NASA finds the the climate’s sensitivity to carbon pollution is on the high side. That means, in the absence of rapid reductions in greenhouse gases, global warming is likely to be high enough to destroy a livable climate.[read more]

Hacking Global Warming [VIDEO]

February 21, 2014 by Jim Baird

Hacking Global Warming

Adding it all up, scientists estimate the total amount of heat warming the oceans, land, and atmosphere and melting ice is the equivalent of 4 Hiroshima atomic bombs worth every second. The planet is a big place. The extent of damage all of this heat does depends on where the warming occurs.[read more]