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Average Size of New Commercial Buildings in United States Continues to Grow

May 17, 2015 by U.S. EIA: Today in Energy

U.S. Building Size

Increases in the size of commercial buildings have outpaced increases in the number of those buildings over the past decade. Information about the commercial building stock in 2012 is now being released, and energy-use information is expected later this year.[read more]

Energy Efficient Warehousing [INFOGRAPHIC]

May 3, 2014 by Jared Anderson

Warehouse Efficiency

Warehousing costs can account for almost 10% of a company’s revenue, with heating and lighting the two largest energy users. Clearly, warehouse-heavy businesses could benefit from more efficient lighting. Induction lighting is one possibility that costs more upfront, but reduces costs in the long term.[read more]

Earth Day Pioneer Denis Hayes' New Challenge: Greenest Commercial Building in the World

April 24, 2014 by Christina Nunez

Denis Hayes and Green Buildings

Forty-four years ago, Denis Hayes convened the first Earth Day, an event that drew millions to events across the United States and heralded a new global awareness of the need to preserve our natural resources. Hayes is now at the vanguard of an effort to rethink our buildings and our growing cities.[read more]