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future energy planning

Are Solar Farms Declining in the United States?

February 19, 2015 by Alicia Hobbs

Solar Farms and Failure in the U.S.

Solar Farms were some of the biggest projects in deserts across the United States for years after the drop in solar panel prices. But, due to the changed in government policy, that all could come to an end. The future of solar panel farms and solar thermal farms is discussed in the United States and the world.[read more]

Future Energy Fellows post

Europe's Major Challenges: Looking at Renewables Beyond 2020

February 19, 2015 by Kit Moran

Earlier this year the European Union announced that its member countries will soon reach their emissions targets for 2020. The problem facing Europe is one that is familiar to those with experience in manufacturing or efficiency optimization: the deception of low-hanging fruit.[read more]

Meeting the Challenges of a Sustainable Energy Future

February 18, 2015 by Maarten Wetselaar

As the world’s population increases and economic growth leads to a rising middle-class, there will be a greater desire for products and lifestyles with one thing in common: they require energy. In fact, the increase in population and prosperity is going to lead energy demand being 37% higher in 2040.[read more]

EU Energy Union: High-Stakes Supply Security Document Leaked

February 18, 2015 by Roman Kilisek

EU Fuel Security Risk and Planning

Last week, the European Commission held its very first orientation debate on the European Energy Union in the college of the Commission. It was actually the first time that all commissioners together have had an in-depth discussion on the issue.[read more]

Leveraging Leadership, Foresight, and Natural Gas Liquids: Interview with Blackbird's Garth Braun

February 13, 2015 by Jim Patrick

Garth Braun has more than 30 years of diversified business experience in oil and gas, finance and real estate. He was previously chairman and CEO of an international oil and gas company, and a principal of a private real estate development company that completed over $1B in development.[read more]

EU Needs "ILUC Factors for Biofuels" Argues European Parliament Rapporteur Nils Torvalds [VIDEO]

February 10, 2015 by Kasper Peters

Europe and Biofuels

Nils Torvalds MEP (ALDE) - the European Parliament’s rapporteur on Indirect Land-Use Change (ILUC) – joins leading environmental journalist Sonja van Renssen on viEUws - the EU Policy Broadcaster to discuss the future of biofuels in Europe.[read more]

A New Theory of Energy and the Economy, Part 2: Showing the Long-Term GDP-Energy Tie

February 6, 2015 by Gail Tverberg

Energy and Gross Domestic Product

Economies that can leverage their human energy with inexpensive supplemental energy gain an advantage over other economies. If this energy becomes high cost, we will see that countries lose their advantage over other countries, and their economic growth rate slows.[read more]

Slowly Accelerate Fast Reactor Development

February 5, 2015 by Rod Adams

In one corner: people certain that breeder reactors that can effectively use the earth’s supply of fertile isotopes should be pursued as rapidly as possible. In the other: people who are just as certain that those devices have been proven to be such failures that it would be absurd to invest any more in them.[read more]

Last Tango for Nuclear?

February 4, 2015 by Peter Dykstra

Future Hopes for Nuclear

Everybody loves a comeback story. And if you like the United States nuclear power industry, it’s a Michael Jordan-type gallant return. But if you don’t like nukes, it’s something more akin to a Gloria Swanson gruesome comeback in Sunset Boulevard.[read more]

5 Reasons the Future of Clean Energy Investing Looks Stronger than Ever

February 4, 2015 by EDF Energy Exchange

Clean Energy Investment Future

As the old saying goes: You’ve got to spend money to make money, and when it comes to clean energy, it turns out that there is a lot of money to be made. Here are five reasons clean energy investment will continue its positive performance in 2015 and beyond.[read more]

The Future of Electricity: High Level of Investment Needed Across the Board

February 2, 2015 by Roman Kilisek

Electricity and Investment Need


The electricity sector and its incumbent electricity companies are undergoing an unprecedented, challenging but nevertheless critical transformation – a transition towards a more climate-resilient, less carbon-intensive power system which ends up “closer to the customer."[read more]

Mexico Issues Clean Technologies and Fuels Strategy, Including for Wind Energy

February 2, 2015 by Justin Miller

The core of Mexico's Transition Strategy is its enumeration of a series of recommendations for Mexico to increase the use of cleaner technologies and fuels, including energy savings in buildings, industry and transport, bioenergy, wind energy, solar energy, and geothermal energy, and more.[read more]

Making Energy Work for Real People in Michigan

February 1, 2015 by NRDC Switchboard

At Michigan's State of the State address this week, Governor Rick Snyder pushed a vision of 2015 that aims to restructure how government operates and works for real people. What this could mean on the energy front, however, is still to be determined.[read more]

A 50-Percent-By-2025 Renewable Energy Standard Can Help Governor Cuomo Realize His "Opportunity Agenda"

January 30, 2015 by Kit Kennedy

New York State Energy Goals

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo's State of the State address Wednesday didn't address clean energy, but there are some great clean energy proposals in the policy book that accompanied the speech, called the "2015 Opportunity Agenda."[read more]

Can Mammograms Teach Us Something Useful About Energy Efficiency?

January 27, 2015 by Catherine Wolfram

Energy Efficiency Investment and Policy

At first blush, mammograms and energy efficiency investments appear to have nothing in common – one’s a personal, preventative health tool and the other helps you save money and energy. But I suspect they raise similar time-management issues. Let me explain.[read more]