EPA carbon pollution standards

Achieving DoE's SunShot Goals Could Dramatically Reduce the Costs and Benefits of EPA's Climate Rule

November 4, 2014 by Noah Kaufman

EPA Climate Rule Costs and Benefits

If the overall costs of solar energy continue to fall as they have in the past, then claims about the substantial costs or the emissions reductions due to the Environmental Protection Agency 's new power plant greenhouse gas rule are almost certainly overblown.[read more]


New EPA Carbon Standard Compliance Strategies (Part 1): Which Technologies Have Reduced U.S. Power Carbon Emissions Since 2005?

September 4, 2014 by John Miller

New EPA carbon standards

New EPA carbon pollution standards should reduce the Power Sector’s annual emissions by 30% 2005-2030. During 2005-2013 half the required carbon reduction has already been achieved. How much have individual technologies contributed toward reduced carbon emissions since 2005?[read more]