Head Start in Paris: India Launches International Solar Alliance on Inaugural Day of Climate Talks

December 1, 2015 by NRDC Switchboard

India's COP 21 Announcement

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and French President François Hollande launched the International Solar Alliance on the inaugural day of the U.N. Climate Summit in Paris. The solar alliance brings together key countries and invites over 100 solar-rich countries to propel clean energy and protect the climate.[read more]

Areva Struggles to Dig Out of Debt

March 25, 2015 by Dan Yurman

Areva and Debt Problems

Phillippe Knoche stated that while Areva is committed to building two EPRs at Hinkley Point, they may be the last of their kind, and that they're abandoning the firm’s strategy of leading “high profile, new build projects” and instead will concentrate on the supply chain including major components of nuclear reactors.[read more]

Areva in Deep Financial Trouble

March 11, 2015 by Dan Yurman

State-owned nuclear energy giant Areva has ten tons of financial debt on a five ton truck. This week Areva’s senior leadership went public with the numbers and what they say is a path toward new earnings. Phillip Knoche, the new CEO of Areva, said, “We have to cut our costs and master difficult projects.”[read more]

Holiday Season Brings Big Developments for International Coal Financing

December 5, 2014 by Justin Guay

As the world turns its eyes to Lima for the COP 20 climate negotiations, which kicked off on Monday, France decided it was not going to wait until next year's negotiations in Paris to show leadership. President Francois Hollande announced an end to export credit financing for coal.[read more]

Energy Quote of the Day: 'Ice-Cold National Industrial Policy'

July 3, 2014 by Jared Anderson

Energy Industry and National Policies

GE’s apparently successful takeover of key segments of Alstom’s prized energy business raised eyebrows when many thought German energy giant Siemens would prevail. Siemens’ unwillingness to part with its train signaling business is reportedly one aspect of the deal that tipped it in GE’s favor.[read more]

Hollande's Proposed "Cap" on Nuclear Electricity Capacity

June 26, 2014 by Rod Adams

France’s President Francois Hollande and his Socialist Party ran on a platform that included scaling back France’s dependence on nuclear energy. It was not a very popular part of his campaign pitch. Hollande is trying to follow through on his promise, but there are well-connected people who oppose the idea.[read more]

French Report Misstates Role of Shale Gas in Reducing US Carbon Emissions

March 15, 2014 by Steve Everley

French Report and Shale Gas

A recent policy brief published by the Institut du développement durable et des relations internationales (IDDRI) examined the impact of United States shale gas on the American economy, including potential implications for the European Union.[read more]

How the Sun Solved France's Cigarette Dilemma

December 20, 2013 by Boyd Arnold

Cigarettes and Solar

Today, we bring you a concrete solar innovation: In addition to decreasing pollution and utilizing previously empty urban spaces, this solar innovation that could change the world includes a world capital, cafes, and one of the world’s biggest cash crops.[read more]

France: Land of Champagne, Cheese, and Carbon Taxes

November 24, 2013 by Jeremy Gottlieb

French President François Hollande presides over a nation that currently gets about 75% of its electricity needs from nuclear sources. He has stated that France will implement a carbon tax to lower polluting emissions and will also be placing a hard cap on the amount of energy from nuclear power.[read more]

Is there a nuclear energy squeeze play in Japan and France?

September 17, 2012 by Dan Yurman

Political expediency seems to be the motivation in Japan, but the picture is less clear in France Last Friday Japan's Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda appeared to bow to overwhelming anti-nuclear sentiment in his country in an effort to save his party's fortunes in the upcoming elections later this fall. But Japan will operate its current...[read more]

UK & France in major nuclear reactor deal

February 17, 2012 by Dan Yurman

Two French nuclear giants, EDF and Areva, and Rolls-Royce, the flagship nuclear firm in the UK, are signing deals worth {l}500 million ($791 million) to build new nuclear reactors in the UK[read more]

International nuclear markets gain momentum

February 6, 2012 by Dan Yurman

China restarts approvals, moves to 3G designs The China Daily reports in its English language editions Feb 1 approvals of new nuclear reactor projects in China will take place at a pace of three-to-four projects per year. According to Xiao Xinjian, a nuclear energy industry expert, six projects that had already received approval prior...[read more]

Explosion at French LLW Plant Leaves 1 dead, 4 injured

September 14, 2011 by Dan Yurman

The French nuclear safety authority Autorité de Sûreté Nucléaire (ASN) said in a statement that one person has died and four workers have been injured, one seriously, after an explosion about noon local time on September 12 at the Marcoule nuclear site in southern France. One of the four injured workers is reported to have severe burns.[read more]

French Fracking Fracus

June 20, 2011 by Michael Giberson

There is oil in shale formations in France, possibly even shale oil under the Eiffel Tower, and at least for now it looks like that is where the oil will remain. According to a report by Bloomberg News, a parliamentary committee agreed on a proposal to ban hydraulic fracturing in the country, the full parliament is slated to vote on...[read more]

U.K. Depends on France for the Nuclear Renaissance

February 3, 2011 by Joseph Koblich

But first EdF and Areva have to get organized at home. (By Dan Yurman) The United Kingdom currently has 19 nuclear reactors producing just under 20 percent of the nation’s electricity. All but one of the reactors has to be replaced by 2023. Development of new coal-fired power stations isn’t an option, given the challenges of global...[read more]