Fossil Fuel Divestment: A $5 Trillion Challenge or Opportunity?

September 2, 2014 by Silvio Marcacci

Fossil Fuel Divestment

Skeptics dismiss divestment as a peripheral threat to fossil fuel’s dominance, but it’s a major opportunity in the fight to decarbonize our society and slow the expanding impacts of climate change. In theory, divestment works; in practice, at least so far, divestment has proven tricky.[read more]

Low Capacity Factors: challenges for a low carbon energy transition

October 15, 2013 by Robert Wilson

Low Capacity Factors

A transition to low carbon energy faces multiple challenges, here I discuss two: that posed by the low capacity factors of renewable energy, and the challenge posed by the requirement for power plants to run with reduced capacity factors.[read more]

Social Cost of Carbon Emissions Has Risen 60 Percent in Three Years

September 7, 2013 by David Vincent

Carbon Social Costs

In 2010, 12 government agencies working in conjunction with economists, lawyers, and scientists agreed to work out what they considered a coherent standard for establishing the social cost of carbon. This “social cost of carbon” is an important concept in environmental polic[read more]

Mind The Carbon Gap

September 5, 2013 by Lindsay Wilson

Carbon Gaps

If you’ve ever been on the tube in London you have been reminded to ‘mind the gap‘. The gap in question is the one between the platform and the train. To board the train safely you need to mind the gap. Climate policy has some fast growing carbon gaps.[read more]

Whose Carbon is America Burning?

September 2, 2013 by Lindsay Wilson

American Carbon Consumption


In 2007 US carbon emissions peaked at roughly 6,029 Mt. We know a lot a how these emissions are generated, and why they have declined since then. But few of us who consume the carbon realize where the resources actually come from.[read more]

Controlling Climate Change: IEA Says It's Not All About Carbon Dioxide

July 13, 2013 by Jessica Kennedy

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has released a World Energy Outlook Special Report warning the world that current climate change policies are on track to far exceed the goal of limiting temperature rise to 2°C.[read more]

Border Carbon Adjustments Make Little Sense Except In Very Limited Circumstances

July 4, 2013 by Adam Whitmore

Border Carbon Adjustments would apply to only a small proportion of emissions, and their introduction would face challenges. However in a few cases they can be a useful, though imperfect, tool for reducing market distortions.[read more]

Carbon Limits Another Victory in War on Pollution

June 30, 2013 by Frances Beinecke

As part of his climate action plan, President Obama has pledged to reduce carbon pollution from power plants. This breakthrough will help millions of American breathe easier.[read more]

Economic Growth Through Innovation, and a Carbon Price

June 23, 2013 by Joseph Romm

Energy Innovation

Should we try to limit economic growth? Given the dire straits carbon-powered growth has put our planet in, it’s hard not to at least consider the possibility — but we shouldn’t think about it too hard.[read more]

Climate Change Solution Could Save US Business Billions

June 21, 2013 by Joshua Hill

A report published by the World Wildlife Fund and the Carbon Disclosure Project could save companies billions and help the corporate sector avoid pushing global temperatures over 2°C above pre-industrial levels.[read more]

Energy Risk: The Forgotten Half of America's Carbon Cuts

June 19, 2013 by Lindsay Wilson

America's Carbon Cuts

US carbon emissions are down 12% since 2005. According to many an editorial the reason is simple. The fracking boom has driven out coal. But that isn’t what the data says.[read more]

Grasslands, Carbon, and Climate Change [VIDEO]

June 2, 2013 by Tom Schueneman

Jeff Goebel discusses the importance of preserving and restoring grasslands for stabilizing habitats, species and the carbon cycle.[read more]

US Cap and Trade Growing, May Hit $2 Billion By 2020

March 20, 2013 by Silvio Marcacci

emissions cap and trade

America’s first functioning cap-and-trade program recently marked its sixth anniversary with perhaps its strongest auctions yet – but exponentially greater success may be just around the corner.[read more]

Innovation: New CO2-Based Plastics

February 23, 2013 by Doris de Guzman

We’ll start with this milestone announcement from Novomer, which has developed polypropylene carbonate (PPC) material made from carbon dioxide and propylene oxide, as well as polyethylene carbonate (PEC) made from CO2 and ethylene oxide.[read more]

Airline Griping Over EU Aviation Carbon Tax Isn’t About The Consumer

January 16, 2012 by Tyler Hamilton

Here’s my take on the EU aviation carbon tax that is causing a stink with major world airline carriers: ———————————————— Tyler Hamilton My family flew to North Carolina during the holiday to visit relatives and, being aware of new baggage fees, we made every effort to pack lightly. Of two adults and two children we had only one item to...[read more]