The White House Pushes Clean Energy While Coal States Push the Past

October 30, 2015 by Steven Cohen

A new lawsuit from the coal industry over EPA regulations is almost certainly yet another death rattle of the fossil fuel industry. It's too bad they refuse to change with the times and recognize that there is a lot of money to be made with renewable energy.[read more]

A New Tactic to Manage Grid-Edge Voltage: Lawsuits

February 26, 2015 by Jeff St. John

Lawsuits and Competition

Over the past month, Dominion Voltage Inc. has announced new customers and expanded software for its technology to fine-tune conservation voltage reduction systems using smart meter data. At the same time, it has quietly sued a competitor, claiming it is violating patents on the same concept.[read more]

How China's Top Court is Encouraging More Lawsuits Against Polluters

January 28, 2015 by Barbara Finamore

China Court System and Polluters

As China's air pollution surges off the charts, affecting every aspect of people's daily lives, China's highest court is taking action. On January 6th, the Supreme People's Court issued an authoritative interpretation that provides clarification and details to China's new public interest environmental litigation system.[read more]

EPA's New Power Sector Climate Rules: A Brewing Political and Legal Storm

June 4, 2014 by James Coleman

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed requiring all fifty states to adopt greenhouse gas controls for their existing power plants. And the EPA went further, proposing that, together, states would have to cut U.S. power sector emissions by 30% by 2030.[read more]

What the Farmers Insurance Suit Tell Us About Climate Change

May 24, 2014 by NRDC Switchboard

Farmers Insurance and Climate Change

Farmers Insurance claims that various agencies and municipalities are liable for damages resulting from a storm in April 2013 because they knew that their stormwater infrastructure was insufficient to deal with extreme precipitation brought on in part by climate change.[read more]

The EPA Doesn't Have The Legal Authority To Adopt Its New Power Plant Climate Rules

March 26, 2014 by Brian H. Potts

Last March, a young Federal law clerk in Washington, D.C. named William J. Haun wrote a paper for the conservative leaning Federalist Society. In it he argued that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency can’t adopt its planned climate rule for existing power plants.[read more]

Court Affirms Michael Mann's Right To Proceed In Defamation Lawsuit

July 21, 2013 by Joseph Romm

Decisions were handed in DC Superior Court affirming scientist Michael Mann’s right to proceed in his defamation lawsuit against CEI and the National Review Online for their accusations of data manipulation and fraud.[read more]

Entergy Files Suit To Keep Vermont Yankee Open

April 18, 2011 by Meredith Angwin

This morning, Entergy filed suit to keep the Vermont Yankee plant open by requiring Vermont to honor its signed contracts. The State of Vermont signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Entergy in 2002. The State has attempted to amend that contract on a one-sided basis. Entergy's lawsuit was described in a Burlington Free Press...[read more]

Judge Rejects Detroit’s Clean Car Act Attack

December 17, 2007 by Joseph Romm

In a ruling last Wednesday–potentially as significant as the CAFE standards of the energy bill–United States District Judge Anthony W. Ishii rejected a lawsuit challenging California’s 2002 Clean Car Act (AB1493), which calls for vehicles to produce less greenhouse gas emissions. California’s Air Resources Board (CARB) adopted...[read more]