G7 Energy Ministers talk Grand 'Energy Initiative for Energy Security'

May 13, 2014 by Roman Kilisek

G7 Ministers and Energy Planning

Last Tuesday, G7 energy ministers wrapped up a special meeting in Rome whose purpose was discussing how Europe, which has been reliant on Russia for about one third of its natural gas supplies, could find a way to replace Russian natural gas.[read more]

Stop-Gap Energy vs. Stable Energy

May 23, 2012 by Mark Green

Scroll down a bit in this wrap-up of last weekend’s G8 Summit from The Hill newspaper, and you’ll see that the president and other G8 leaders hinted that they might ask for a draw on the world’s oil reserves to offset disruptions in supply from Iran. Their statement:“There have been increasing disruptions in the supply of oil to the...[read more]

Denialist Backlash vs Rudy Baum

July 30, 2009 by Michael Tobis

Much as I hate to link to Morano, and much as I hate participating in the "news cycle", here's another denialist tactic that demands a quick response.Rudy Baum has published a perfectly sound editorial in Chemical and Engineering News. Most notably:On June 11, the presidents of the G8+5 national academies of science released a joint...[read more]

What if India doesn’t agree?

July 24, 2009 by Climatico Analysis

Ed Miliband hailed the G8 Declaration as a “real breakthrough”. For the first time, it seemed, the ‘Outreach 5′ states were putting aside their differences on international mitigation action and joining the G8 to commit to a 2 C warming target. However, in India these moves have not been universally accepted or endorsed, suggesting that...[read more]

The last 20%

July 10, 2009 by David Hone

In the last 24 hours we have heard much from the G8 meeting in Italy on climate change as world leaders debate reduction targets for developed countries. Whilst they seem unwilling or unable to agree on much of anything for the near term (although in fairness most of the G8 countries have or are about to have a near term target – they...[read more]

What next for the G8?

July 9, 2009 by Climatico Analysis

Those hoping the G8 would achieve a breakthrough in Climate negotiations, would only need to look at the history of the G8 to know it is often more like an extended press conference for the G8 countries to touch base and put out some symbolic gestures on the issue of the day, meanwhile the real negotiations are happening behind the...[read more]

Stalemate in l’Aguila

July 9, 2009 by Climatico Analysis

“Unless the G8 sign up to cut emissions by at least 40% by 2020, developing countries will not commit to emissions targets” - that’s the major point of discussion between developed and developing nations, which has (as was to be expected) paralysed the outcome of the Major Economies Forum (MEF). Following yesterday’s G8 declaration, the...[read more]

The G8, the Fat Lady, CO2, and you

July 9, 2009 by Lou Grinzo

The responses to the G8’s climate… what? pledges? agreements in principle? rumors of an agreement to pledge a principle? continue to roll in, with Fred Pearce having easily the most interesting one I’ve seen so far, on Short Sharp Science, which is NewScientist.com’s blog: G8 emissions pledge is ’scientifically illiterate’ [...[read more]

G-8 vows to cut emissions, but developing nations want more

July 9, 2009 by Scott Edward Anderson

Perhaps it was the smiling French President Nicolas Sarkozy reaching out to grab Mr. Obama's arm, as if he'd just told the best joke the Frenchman had heard from an American since Jerry Lewis. Or perhaps it was the beaming German Chancellor Frau Merkel giving an appreciative glance at the charismatic American president.Or maybe it was...[read more]

UPDATE:G8 progress towards a global climate deal

July 8, 2009 by Rebecca Lutzy

Newspapers in Italy and around the world are reporting on preliminary agreements coming out of the G8 meetings in L'Aquila, Italy.  A good summary from the Wall Street Journal online is posted below.  Two of the most significant statements from G8 leaders so far are: 1) developed nations will make 80% cuts by 2050 if needed for...[read more]

The G8 agrees to avoid cooking the planet…

July 8, 2009 by Climatico Analysis

… but doesn’t agree on when to turn down the heat. This is Oxfam’s resumé on the freshly released G8 climate change communiqué. Leaders could not improve on last year’s commitment of “a 50% reduction of global emissions by 2050”. They did however agree that to reach such a global reduction, developed countries will have to reduce their...[read more]

No climate change deal from the G8 summit

July 8, 2009 by Simon Donner

Coverage and criticism of the failure to reach a consensus on climate policy at international meetings like the G8 summits tend to focus, for good reason, on emissions reductions. The lede from the NY Times:As President Obama arrived for three days of meetings with other international leaders, negotiators dropped a proposal that would...[read more]

G8 Summit Climate Policy Live Blog - Day 1

July 8, 2009 by Climatico Analysis

9:04:06 AM: Today is the first day here at the #G8 Summit. Things are buzzing and the internet and twitter are finally working! 9:13:12 AM: The Chinese premier Hu last night returned to China to deal with the rioting http://bit.ly/13TTd8 9:14:09 AM: Much of the negotiations on climate change have already happened and so it is unlikely...[read more]

The World Wildlife Fund in the era of confusion

July 8, 2009 by Charles Barton

I am. believe it or not, very much in favor of sound environmental policy. But sound environmental policy begins by rejecting distorted views or reality. When you began to write off facts, because they do not fit into your ideological framework, sound policy is in possible. A primary example of this is found in a recent document...[read more]

Canada, Russia Considered Climate ‘Bad Boys’ Among G8 Nations

July 3, 2009 by spicycartoon

Canada and Russia, both northern and oil-rich, are making the least progress in cutting carbon- dioxide emissions among the major economies, a new study shows. Canada is furthest from its reduction target for the greenhouse gas under a global treaty and has made little progress compared with other Group of Eight members,...[read more]