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Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: Smart Grid Data Management Analytics

May 9, 2015 by Maria Robinson

Smart Grid and Data Technology

Smart grid communications networks include software and hardware that enable the collection of data from and communication between smart grid technologies, including advanced metering infrastructure. Smart grid software and hardware technologies allow utilities to collect vast amounts of real-time data.[read more]

NSA Spying Scandal Sparks a New European Smart Home Platform to Protect Privacy

April 29, 2015 by Jeff St. John

Data and Privacy and Smart Homes

In Germany, a country considering broad new regulations to prevent citizens’ data from being passed through U.S.-based servers, a new consortium is promising a home automation platform that will keep its customers’ data within European borders.[read more]

Big Data Increasing Power Generation Reliability and Saving Money, GE Says

March 23, 2015 by Jared Anderson

Big Data and Energy Reliability

Recently GE announced its ‘predictive maintenance’ program driven by operational data from the company’s global fleet of more than 1,500 gas turbines helped decrease power plant downtime and saved customers an estimated $70 million in 2014.[read more]

A Cybersafety Culture Can Help Reduce Energy Usage Data Privacy Risks

February 3, 2015 by Christine Hertzog

Thanks to M2M and Smart Grid technologies, new energy usage data can be invaluable to help intelligently manage energy and reduce utility operations costs and consumer costs. However, new data means new privacy risks for consumers, utilities, their vendor communities, and other entities.[read more]

Energy Data Privacy Risks: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

January 27, 2015 by Christine Hertzog

Wednesday is Data Privacy Day in the USA, and it should receive heightened awareness after the recent Sony Pictures cyberattack. While media attention focused on cybersecurity weaknesses, privacy is the natural consequence of good cybersecurity. Security is a strategy that ensures a privacy outcome.[read more]

From Artisanal to Integrated: How Data Is Remaking the Efficiency Industry

October 20, 2014 by Wego Wise

Data and Efficiency

The past few years have seen an abundance of software innovations designed to enhance the efficiency of the built environment. Taking advantage of inexpensive computing power and storage, these platforms are leveraging the torrent of data generated by and about our buildings.[read more]

Information and Efficiency: Is Data A Painkiller?

September 30, 2014 by Christine Hertzog

Can data kill your pain? Los Angeles is hoping it will, at least where some data sources are concerned. Back in May, the city launched a new DataLA site that features data downloads on topics such as crime statistics and budget information, as well as easy to understand visualizations of key metrics.[read more]

What a Difference a Day Makes! The Value of Real-Time Electricity Data

September 16, 2014 by EDF Energy Exchange

Real-Time Electricity Data

Imagine you’re trying to lose weight. If you step on the scale once a month, how can you possibly know how each of your daily decisions affects the number? Weighing yourself every day would be a step up, giving you a much clearer picture. Now imagine the potential results if you could access real-time data.[read more]

Data Analytics: What Utilities Are Investing in Now

August 20, 2014 by Jeff St. John

Data Analytics and Utilities

Are data analytics the most important frontier for utilities seeking to modernize their businesses? Or, it just another buzz phrase pushed by companies selling software? GTM Research has been collecting some hard data on the subject, through its Grid Edge Deployment Tracker data service.[read more]

The Next Frontier For Beyond the Grid Solar Markets: Big Data

August 6, 2014 by Justin Guay

Solar Development and Big Data


When it comes to energy access, we're fond of saying small is big. That's because all those small scale solar lanterns, solar home systems, and solar mini-grids add up to a big market. But the size of that market could well be dwarfed by an even larger opportunity the solar revolution is engendering.[read more]

Greening IT: Big Data has Big Energy Appetite

June 28, 2014 by Jared Anderson

IT Energy Use and Efficiency

With the proliferation of smart phones, smart grids and the “internet of things,” comes enormously energy-intensive data transfer, storage and management requirements. Data centers are rapidly expanding and these centers all have fairly significant power and cooling demand requirements.[read more]

The Energy-Data Nexus Could Be the Next Big Thing for the IT Industry

April 1, 2014 by Rob Day

You may have heard of the energy-water nexus, which is the idea that water use and energy production are so intertwined that they can, to a significant extent, be thought of as two sides of the same coin. The same thing is happening, in remarkably similar ways, with energy and data.[read more]

Will Google Play By Utility Privacy Rules?

February 4, 2014 by Christine Hertzog

January 28, 2014 was Data Privacy Day. Two recent news stories – the thefts of sensitive consumer data from national retailers including Target and Google’s $3.2B acquisition of smart thermostat maker Nest are stimulating much-needed discussion about the security and privacy of personal data.[read more]

Can Crowdfunding Help Cleantech Ride the Big Data Wave?

January 25, 2014 by Scott Edward Anderson

Cleantech and Crowdfunding

"Big data is a coming wave of 'green gold,'" says Nick Eisenberger of Pure Energy Partners."Information technology will actually be the most powerful tool to address resource challenges in our lifetime." The innovation is out there.[read more]


Why Digital Oil Fields Are The Future Of The Energy Industry

December 19, 2013 by Anand Srinivasan

Digital Oil Fields

The demand for oil is expected to breach the 100 million barrels per day barrier by 2015. Given the strain on human labour and capital expenditure, this calls for a more sophisticated oil drilling process that is more efficient. The digital oil field is the way forward.[read more]