Colorado Health Officials Debunk Lung Association's Ozone 'Report Card'

May 15, 2015 by Simon Lomax

Colorado’s health department and the state’s top air quality regulator have sharply criticized claims by the ALA about ozone levels in the Denver area. Citing its own “report card” on the region’s air quality, they said that levels of ground-level ozone – smog – are deteriorating rather than improving.[read more]

Colorado Is the Latest State to Consider the 'Utility of the Future'

March 17, 2015 by Jeff St. John

Colorado’s state legislature is currently seeking to follow the lead of states like California, New York, Hawaii and Massachusetts in revamping its utility regulations to better serve for a more distributed, customer-empowered energy future.[read more]


Colorado Introduces Legislation to Create a New Utility Business Model

March 11, 2015 by Tom Plant

Colorado HB 1250 follows the lead of PUCs in Hawaii, New York and Massachusetts, instructing the Colorado PUC to look at different ways the state might be able to align the public policy objectives of a cleaner, more efficient and innovative energy system with the utility’s business model.[read more]

Decoupling and Demand Side Management in Colorado

January 30, 2015 by Zane Selvans

Decoupling and Management

Utility revenue decoupling is often seen as an enabling policy supporting “demand side management” (DSM) programs. DSM is a catch-all term for the things you can do behind the meter that reduce the amount of energy a utility needs to produce or the amount of capacity it needs to have available.[read more]

Colorado Town to East Coast Anti-Fracking Activists: You're Wrong

July 27, 2014 by Simon Lomax

Local officials in Erie, Colorado, are pushing back hard against a national environmental group for misrepresenting the outcome of a failed “ban fracking” campaign in their town. The officials say the Massachusetts-based group has “ignored or misstated” the facts.[read more]

Votes Show Strong Support for Colorado Energy, Rejection of Anti-Fracking Activism

July 5, 2014 by Simon Lomax

Whether you’re in Loveland, Denver or even the nation’s capital, the events of the past two weeks have proved once more that Coloradans from across the political spectrum support homegrown energy production and all the benefits that go with it.[read more]

More Scrutiny for National Groups, Big Donors Funding Colorado 'Ban Fracking' Campaign

June 20, 2014 by Simon Lomax

Ban Fracking Campaigns

Over the course of recent months, Energy In Depth Mountain States has examined the national activist organizations and ultra-rich donors who are pushing many local and statewide campaigns to ban oil and gas development in Colorado.[read more]

State Energy Policy and the Commerce Clause: Spotlight on Colorado and Minnesota

May 26, 2014 by James Coleman

Within the past month, two federal district courts in Colorado and Minnesota have issued important decisions on the constitutionality of state clean energy policies. Both cases raised the same issue: whether state laws regulate extraterritorially in violation of the dormant Commerce Clause of the Constitution.[read more]

In Colorado, Local Fracking Debate Holds National Implications

May 12, 2014 by Kate Rosow Chrisman

Colorado Fracking Debate

An oil and gas boom over the past decade saw wells creep closer to the metropolitan areas along Colorado’s Front Range, a heavily populated area that includes Denver and Boulder, and with it, growing public anger over the extraction process.[read more]

Colorado Health Department Disavows Activists' Favorite Fracking Researchers

February 5, 2014 by Simon Lomax

State public health officials in Colorado have recently publicly disavowed the latest paper from a team of researchers whose work has been routinely cited by political activist groups that want to ban the practice of hydraulic fracturing.[read more]

Colorado Needs to be Honest About the Risks of Fracking

January 19, 2014 by Amy Mall

Colorado has done a better job than some other states of updating its oil and gas rules, and the state should get credit where credit is due. But the rules are still not strong enough to ensure that Colorado residents have the protections from oil and gas development that they need and deserve.[read more]

The Solar Net Metering Battle Moves to Colorado

December 29, 2013 by Herman Trabish

Colorado Net Metering

The battle over net metering between Colorado's Xcel Energy and rooftop solar advocates could make the recent impassioned debate in Arizona seem tame. Xcel Energy will have its 2014 Renewable Energy Standard Compliance Plan reviewed by the state Public Utilities Commission in February.[read more]

Voters in Colorado and Ohio Approve Anti-Fracking Measures

November 7, 2013 by NRDC Switchboard

Voters in at least three more Colorado municipalities, as well as another in Ohio, approved anti-fracking measures in Tuesday's elections, continuing a trend whereby local communities are standing up in support of their right to self-determination.[read more]

Once a Week an Oil or Gas Spill Contaminates Groundwater in Colorado [VIDEO]

October 29, 2013 by Amy Mall

Colorado and Water Pollution

There's a startling new video from the Center on Western Prioirities, which says that so far this year in Colorado there have been 328 spills reported to state authorities (and there were probably some more that weren't reported). Of those, 23 percent resulted In water contamination.[read more]

Colorado Flooding: Against the 100-Year Flood

September 16, 2013 by Roger Pielke, Jr.

Flooding in Colorado

In the aftermath of the recent flooding in Boulder, Colorado, some observers are already trying to out-do each other by making bigger and bigger claims of the so-called N-year flood. As might be expected there are some big claims, with a 1,000-year event as the record so far.[read more]