Does Energy Have a Place in the Sharing Economy?

September 17, 2014 by Lexie Briggs

Energy and the Sharing Economy

A shared electricity future is still that: the future. But it’s not necessarily so futuristic. A shared economy in energy is looking less like The Jetsons than something that’s just around the corner. I bet we’ll be ubering up kilowatt-hours before long – and before we get into a flying car.[read more]

One Sustainability App to Rule Them All?

April 5, 2014 by Stephen Lacey

Sustainability App

Intelligent efficiency software for buildings can usually be lumped into three broad categories: dashboarding and visualization; actionable energy intelligence; and enterprise sustainability. The actual products that are within those categories vary widely.[read more]

Solar Apps Improving Process, Customer Engagement

April 18, 2013 by Jake Rozmaryn

solar energy apps

People have now become tools of their web and mobile applications. The solar industry has jumped right in with an influx of innovative new online technologies, digital apps, and customer engagement strategies.[read more]

Getting Consumers to Cross the Smart Grid Chasm

November 22, 2011 by Christine Hertzog

Two years ago, the Smart Grid industry was debating the pros and cons of different displays to deliver electricity prices, rates of consumption, and current bill amounts. Unfortunately, no one really asked consumers what they preferred, but some visionary entrepreneurs began to eye their own smart phones and ask themselves if people really wanted to get yet another gadget dedicated to a special purpose (providing energy information) when there was such a versatile and available device that could provide the same information.[read more]

Engaging Consumers On Smartgrid: Face-to-Face Better Than Facebook

September 15, 2011 by Jim Pierobon

From the successes, hiccups and outright failures of utilities trying to deploy smart grid applications, those worth emulating are few. As previous posts on TheEnergyFix demonstrate, Southern California Edison is widely hailed for rolling out programs that are working. So is Oklahoma Gas & Electric. This is the control device and...[read more]

Data Analytics at the Grid Edge – Killer Apps or Overkill?

September 14, 2011 by Christine Hertzog

The recent exits of Google’s PowerMeter and Microsoft’s Hohm products targeted at consumers have some industry watchers asking if residential consumers really care about home energy consumption data.  Where we once had a monthly bill that simply indicated the previous month’s kilowatthours of electricity use, smart meters can...[read more]

Killer Apps For The Smartgrid

September 2, 2011 by Christine Hertzog

Silicon Valley is always chasing the next killer app, and it’s an activity that is very relevant to the Smart Grid.  What are the killer apps?  It depends on your perspective.  In some cases, the answer will be a technology breakthrough in materials science rather than an innovation in software or communications –...[read more]

Power Apps Must Be Bundled With Other Products For Adoption

June 29, 2011 by Tyler Hamilton

Sorry for the extended lull. I’ve been off sick. My Clean Break column today takes a look at the overcrowded market for home-energy management devices and systems. There are many — arguably too many — different flavours and approaches out there, and for the average consumer it must be pretty darn confusing and at times overwhelming to...[read more]