Global Renewable Microgrid Deployment Growth in 2015 Set to Continue in 2016

January 1, 2016 by Arnaud Henin

Renewables and Microgrids

As 2015 draws to a close, it is time to review the progress and status of renewable microgrid development around the world. The past year has been a good one for renewable microgrids. There has been significant growth in the deployment, implementation and interest in renewable microgrids globally.[read more]

U.S. Wind Capacity Tops 70 Gigawatts

December 29, 2015 by Katherine Tweed

Wind Energy Expansion

More than 70 gigawatts of wind power is installed around the U.S., according to new figures from the American Wind Energy Association. The milestone was hit in November. It took three years to get from 60 gigawatts to 70 gigawatts due to the temporary expiration of the Production Tax Credit in 2013.[read more]

A Sunny Future for Utility-Scale Solar

December 29, 2015 by EDF Energy Exchange

Utility-Scale Solar

Utility-scale solar has actually been reaching “grid parity” (i.e., cost equivalency) with traditional generation in more and more areas across the country. And solar received a major boost when the federal tax incentive was recently extended through 2021.[read more]

Off Grid Electric Raises $45M in Debt for African Micro-Solar Leasing Platform

December 28, 2015 by Eric Wesoff

Africa and Solar Micro-Loans

Off Grid Electric, a micro-solar leasing platform geared toward residents of Africa, just announced that it raised $45 million in debt financing for solar power and battery storage. The Packard Foundation, Ceniarth, Calvert Foundation and other family offices will lend up to $40 million to the fund.[read more]

New York's Banner Year for Clean Energy and Climate

December 25, 2015 by Kit Kennedy

New York and State Energy Policy

When it comes to clean energy-solar and wind power in particular-2015 was a banner year in New York State. The Empire State climbed the solar charts and witnessed the largest wind power purchase agreement in New York's history. But there was much, much more.[read more]

Don't Be a Grinch When It Comes to Holiday Lights

December 25, 2015 by Lucas Davis

Holiday Light and Energy Usage

We bought them more than a decade ago. Several sets of Christmas lights. We have two boxes, adding up to a whopping 800-count of little white incandescent bulbs. They put out a beautiful warm yellow light and have survived 10+ seasons of use and storage.[read more]

Efficiency Standards Quietly Lead to Billions of Energy Bill Savings for Consumers

December 24, 2015 by NRDC Switchboard

Efficiency and Savings

While most consumers and business owners probably don't think much about the importance of appliance energy efficiency standards, the work done this year to make sure our equipment doesn't waste energy (and increase utility bills) will generate financial and environmental benefits well into the future.[read more]

Building Energy Codes in 2015: A Foundation of Cutting Climate Pollution

December 23, 2015 by NRDC Switchboard

Building Energy Efficiency

The Paris climate talks gave strong impetus to the world's determination to curtail climate pollution through policies that create jobs and economic growth while simultaneously cutting emissions. While they may be a lower profile solution, improved building codes are a cornerstone of a successful climate policy.[read more]

DoE Finalizes Biggest Efficiency Standard Ever

December 22, 2015 by Katherine Tweed

Energy Standards and Regulation

The Department of Energy announced an agreement for new energy efficiency standards for commercial furnaces and rooftop air conditioners. The federal government called the standards the largest in U.S. history for the amount of energy that will be saved: nearly 15 quadrillion BTU over the next 30 years.[read more]

Year in Review: Top 10 Advanced Energy News Stories of 2015, Part 2

December 21, 2015 by Lexie Briggs

Energy News for 2015

Advanced energy makes news, and 2015 was proof of that. From innovative financing models for energy efficiency to Fortune 500 companies choosing advanced energy, businesses big and small had impact on the way the world generates and uses energy.[read more]

Wind Power Saves New Yorkers Money on Electricity After Unexpected Shutdown of Indian Point Nuclear Unit

December 21, 2015 by Kit Kennedy

Wind Power and Energy Replacement

Wind energy came to the rescue of New York's electricity consumers this week, as a unit at the Indian Point nuclear power plant located in Westchester County unexpectedly went off-line on Monday evening, most likely due to an electrical disturbance.[read more]

Dominion Virginia Power Ordered to Refund $19.7 Million to Customers, but Gets to Keep a Billion in Future Overcharges

December 18, 2015 by Ivy Main

Dominion and Future Billing

The State Corporation Commission has ordered Dominion to refund $19.7 million to customers, reflecting excess earnings during 2013 and 2014. But the company will not have to lower its rates going forward, due to its success in getting a bill passed that freezes base rates and eliminates rate reviews until 2022.[read more]

NERC's 10-Year Grid Assessment: Enough Power, And Some Challenges

December 18, 2015 by NRDC Switchboard

NERC Assessment

The latest edition of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) report on long-term power supply and reliability trends over the next decade says that we should have enough power to meet estimated energy demand through at least 2025.[read more]

Heating Oil and Propane Prices are Lower this Winter

December 11, 2015 by U.S. EIA: Today in Energy

Heating and Fuel Costs

Weather forecasts for the current winter season predict warmer temperatures in regions east of the Rocky Mountains compared with last year. Based on those predictions and higher inventory levels, EIA expects propane and heating oil prices to be lower this season.[read more]

Trending Topics: Performance Management Ideas for Public Power

December 10, 2015 by America's Power Plan

Power and Management

Market forces are precipitously changing the role of utilities. Private companies are offering customers more choices and control over their electricity through energy efficient products and services, demand management, self-generation like rooftop solar, smart electric vehicle chargers, and on-site storage.[read more]