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With Senate’s Support, Advanced Biofuel Industry Ready for Takeoff

November 30, 2012 by Nicole Lederer

Biofuels via Shutterstock

When it comes to reducing the military’s dependence on oil, senators from both sides of the aisle have the Department of Defense’s back.By striking down a pair of shortsighted amendments to the military’s annual spending bill, the Senate this week gave a green light to the DoD to pursue the biofuel initiatives senior military leaders say...[read more]

John McCain: Lion of the Senate or GOP Lap Dog?

October 6, 2010 by Tim Hurst

by Tom Schueneman, ecopolitologyThere was a time when even a conservative politician could take a stand on climate change action. That was before science became the enemy of the right, and before John McCain, in his desperate attempt to cast himself as the lion of the Senate, became the lapdog of the GOP.On any number of issues, the "...[read more]

Rolling Stone on “The Climate Killers: 17 polluters and deniers who are derailing efforts to curb the climate catastrophe.”

January 9, 2010 by Joseph Romm

Rolling Stone has two pieces on climate politics in its latest issue, by Jeff Goodell and Tim Dickinson.  “Planet Earth 911” is on “Big Oil and Big Coal’s lobbying campaign to block progress on global warming,” and “The Climate Killers” is on Warren Buffett, Rupert Murdoch, Jack Gerard, Rex Tillerson, Sen. Mary Landrieu, The...[read more]

Senate battle 2: Sherrod Brown (D-OH) says he won’t filibuster climate bill

July 13, 2009 by Joseph Romm

Everybody has assumed we would need 60 votes to pass a climate bill in the Senate.   As one Democratic senator told me recently, the Republicans now filibuster pretty much everything — even bills and amendments supported by most of their members, just to slow the process down as much as possible and minimize the time available for...[read more]

McCain-Palin - the oil industry’s dream ticket

September 6, 2008 by Tom Raftery

Photo Credit Stijn Vogels I don’t pretend to know a whole lot about American politics and generally avoid commenting for that reason however, the addition of Sarah Palin to the Republican party presidential campaign meant I had to say something! Sarah Palin is less of a friend to the environment than George Bush. I know that may be...[read more]

McCain Meets with Pickens, Says “Of Course” He Supports Renewable Energy Tax Credits

August 25, 2008 by Tim Hurst

[Cross-posted at Red, Green, and Blue] While in Aspen last week for a fundraiser at the Aspen Institute, Republican Presidential hopeful John McCain met for breakfast with Texas billionaire oil man turned wind energy advocate T. Boone Pickens. The pair chatted for a few minutes in front of cameras, and then they met privately for more...[read more]

McCain Calls Tax Credits for Electric Vehicles “Vital”

August 18, 2008 by Tim Hurst

The Senator also backs state efforts to regulate tailpipe emissions - much to the dismay of the Michigan audience. [Originally published at Red, Green, and Blue] After getting a tour of the design room for the GM prototype battery-powered, Chevy Volt, Sen. John McCain laid out his plan to help the auto industry, including a $5,000 tax...[read more]

New Fermi reactor is a focus for energy politics

August 17, 2008 by Dan Yurman

John McCain's visit to DTE Energy generates some heat and light Republican presidential candidate John McCain (right) toured the Fermi II reactor in Michigan August 5th to promote his plan to build 45 new nuclear plants by 2030. In doing so he forced Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama to issue a statement that moves him...[read more]

Change Climate Change

July 29, 2008 by RyanAvent

Kevin Drum writes: “Will McCain Abandon Cap and Trade?” asks Matt Yglesias. The short answer, of course, is yes. The slightly longer answer is that I think the question is ill formed. Cap-and-trade is one those enormous, mega-complex, special-interest magnets that’s almost impossible to pass no matter how committed you are to it. Getting...[read more]

Senator McCain responds to TerraPass's objection to a gas tax holiday

July 23, 2008 by John Whitehead

From the terrapass blog:You may recall that earlier this summer we asked TerraPass newsletter subscribers and their friends to join a petition against the “gas tax holiday” proposed by Senators McCain and Clinton. The holiday never came to pass, good news for both the federal agencies supported by the revenue from the tax and for the...[read more]

New McCain TV Ad Blames Obama for High Gas Prices

July 22, 2008 by Tim Hurst

The latest John McCain ad is so full of flagrant logical gaps and bad rhetoric it makes me cringe. And since I figured you’d want to cringe too, I’ve included it for your perusal. Perhaps the most cringeworthy portion of the advertisement is when the commercial’s narrator asks, “Who can you thank for rising prices at the pump?”, while a...[read more]

McCain’s new energy ad — the media is (almost) on to his cynical doubletalk

July 2, 2008 by Joseph Romm

McCain has a new ad titled “purpose” (here). The AP critique it with a piece titled, “McCain energy ad short on specifics.” OK, MSM, half credit. The ad has a much bigger problem than lack of specifics — McCain is trying to get a political boost by claiming he will champion popular clean energy technologies that he, like President Bush...[read more]

Could McCain deliver on his nuclear energy promise?

June 28, 2008 by Dan Yurman

Right now the answer is "not hardly likely" In a campaign speech last week republican presidential candidate John McCain (left) said that if elected he would build 45 nuclear reactors by 2030 and up to 100 over a longer period of time. For advocates of nuclear energy, that's really good news, but from the perspective of actually...[read more]

McCain energy gimmick, Part 2 — The ill-defined, impractical “Clean Car Challenge”

June 25, 2008 by Joseph Romm

Part 1 discussed the pointless and hopelessly impractical $300 million battery prize proposed by the presumptive the GOP nominee. McCain also offered another hot gimmick this week: My administration will issue a Clean Car Challenge to the automakers of America, in the form of a single and substantial tax credit based on the reduction of...[read more]

McCain Obama square off over nuclear energy

June 25, 2008 by Dan Yurman

Nevada is the place to go if you want an anti-nuclear crowd Republican presidential candidate John McCain made lots of news last week in an speech about energy policy in which he called for the construction of 45 new nuclear reactors by 2030. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, predictably, saw this as a chip on McCain's...[read more]