home energy audit

Utility Tracking 101: Three Easy Steps to Get Started

February 7, 2015 by Wego Wise

Utility Tracking

If you recently installed a new boiler in your home and want to figure out how much energy and money you're saving, or if you want to see if that cool new thermostat is helping lower your heating bill, tracking utility data is the first step. After all, you can't manage what you can't measure.[read more]

Understanding Energy Usage Starts at Home

January 6, 2014 by Severin Borenstein

Examining Home Energy Use


Electricity is probably the least salient thing we consume. When we are buying groceries, gasoline, clothes, or tickets to a ball game, we are aware that we’re making a purchase and aware of what it costs. But most of us don’t know how much electricity we use.[read more]

How to Maximize your Home Energy Audit

October 1, 2009 by Peter Troast

You have arranged to have a home energy audit after reviewing our energy auditor certification guide and getting the word on the street about auditors in your area.  You have read our articles about preparing your house for an audit, and what to expect. You have looked into the kinds of audits available and determined what you need...[read more]

Our Infrared Audit: Photos of a Leaky House

September 11, 2009 by Peter Troast

“Our house is a very fine house… with cool spots in the eaves…” The thermostat on the right side of this infrared image demonstrates the range of temperatures inside and out. Bottom line - our insulation’s insufficient and we are not keeping our heated air inside.  The hot roof near the valley in the center of the photo marks that...[read more]

Ten Reasons to Have a Home Energy Audit

September 9, 2009 by Peter Troast

Flemming Lund performing the blower door test at the Energy Circle house. (photo credit: Energy Circle) 1. You will save money on utility bills for the rest of your life. 2. You will learn how to make your home feel more comfortable during both cooling and warming seasons, without spending a lot of money. 3. You will find out how your...[read more]