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Ride for Climate: A Bicycle Journey Across Asia

May 1, 2014 by David Kroodsma

Riding for Climate

Lindsey and I just turned 35. We're at the point in our lives when we're supposed to start a family or plunge fully into our careers. Some of our friends are buying houses, others are waiting for their second child, and a few are negotiating for tenure-track professorships.[read more]

China, Japan, and Chekhov's Gun - Where Does Fracking Fit In?: Interview with Don Coxe

October 5, 2013 by Jim Patrick

Don Coxe has 40 years of institutional investment experience in Canada and the U.S. As a strategist and investor, he has been engaged at the senior level in global capital markets through every recession and boom since the onset of stagflation in 1972.[read more]

British Columbia Aims to Sell Cleaner LNG

February 8, 2012 by Geoffrey Styles

I just ran across British Columbia's new provincial natural gas strategy, which includes a specific strategy for expanding liquefied natural gas (LNG) production as a way to mitigate global climate change. That might sound odd to those who are worried--unnecessarily--that gas might be even worse than coal, emissions-wise, but the...[read more]

Doc alert: World Bank - Asian coastal megacities and climate change

October 27, 2010 by Lou Grinzo

Climate Risks and Adaptation in Asian Coastal Megacities: Key Findings Frequency of extreme events likely to increase. All three coastal megacities[1] are likely to witness increases in temperature and precipitation linked with climate change and variability. Increase in flood-prone area due to climate change in all three cities. In all...[read more]

Is Asia rising to dominate the global nuclear industry?

July 7, 2010 by Dan Yurman

A series of headlines reveals strong competition between Japan and South Korea for market share The Wall Street Journal reports July 6 that Japan is aligning its nuclear industry to support exports of nuclear reactors and to respond to the competitive threat from South Korea. Six companies are working under the umbrella of a government...[read more]

Clean energy jobs CAN be shipped overseas (and what to do about it)

April 20, 2010 by Breakthrough Institute

By Jesse Jenkins Politicians talking about clean energy jobs like to claim "they can't be shipped overseas." From President Obama's State of the Union to Rep. Ed Markey stumping for the climate bill he co-authored with Rep. Henry Waxman, the promise of new "green jobs that pay well and can't be outsourced" is an all too common refrain....[read more]

Asia Challenges U.S. Innovation Leadership, New Report Shows

January 18, 2010 by Breakthrough Institute

Originally published at LeadEnergy A major report released last week by the National Science Board concludes that U.S. global leadership in science and technology is declining as foreign nations - especially China and other Asian countries - rapidly develop their national innovation systems. "U.S. dominance has eroded significantly......[read more]

Rising Tigers, Sleeping Giant - Overview

November 21, 2009 by Jesse Jenkins

Asian Nations Set to Dominate Clean Energy Race by Out-Investing the United States - New Breakthrough Institute and the Information Technology and Innovation Institute report."Rising Tigers, Sleeping Giant: Asian Nations Set to Dominate Clean Energy Race by Out-Investing the United States," a major new report released today by the...[read more]

2025 Economic Developments in China and India, and the Future of American Solar and Wind

November 20, 2009 by Charles Barton

Brian Wang has a very interesting post based on economic projections by Rio Tinto, the international mining outfit. Rio Tinto clearly wants to know about future metal demands in the global economy. Of course this is important for Rio Tinto to know since it takes both time and a lot of capital to develop a new mine, and an accurate...[read more]

Asia Beats U.S. 3-1: Major New Report on US vs. Asian Competitiveness in Clean Energy Technology

November 18, 2009 by WattHead Guest Contributor

By Michael Shellenberger, originally at the Breakthrough InstituteAsia is poised to dominate the fast-growing clean energy industry by outspending the United States by at least three-to-one on infrastructure and technology, according to a new report, Rising Tigers, Sleeping Giant, which was released today by the Breakthrough Institute...[read more]

Solar materials expand in Malaysia

August 13, 2009 by Doris de Guzman

Asia's renewable energy market really seems to be booming as reports indicated (I will write an article soon about China's renewable energy market!). The usual suspect of course is China but I saw several investment news in India last week and now this one from Japanese chemical company Tokuyama announced this week that it is building a...[read more]

U.S. Business Leaders Urge America to Get Serious about the Clean Energy Race

August 5, 2009 by WattHead Guest Contributor

By Leigh Ewbank, originally posted at the Breakthrough InstituteIn Monday's Washington Post, prominent U.S. business leaders John Doerr (from Kleiner Perkins, pictured left) and Jeff Immelt (CEO of GE) joined the growing chorus calling on the nation's leaders to prepare America for the clean-energy race. They warn that the U.S. is...[read more]

Washington Post: Asia's Clean Tech Tigers Surging Ahead in Clean Energy Race

July 16, 2009 by Jesse Jenkins

By Yael Borofsky. Originally posted at the Breakthrough InstituteAs Congress debates the Waxman-Markey climate bill, Asia is moving rapidly to win the clean energy race. So warns a new article in the Washington Post today that should serve as a wake-up call to America’s leadership at the highest level.The new investigative article by...[read more]

34 Nobel Prize Winners Write President Obama Urging Support for Clean Energy R&D

July 16, 2009 by Jesse Jenkins

By Tyler Burton. Originally posted at the Breakthrough InstituteIn a letter submitted to President Obama today, a group of 34 prominent Nobel Prize recipients decried the lack of clear support in "The American Clean Energy and Security Act" (ACES) for the President's own promise to establish a Clean Energy Technology Fund of $150 billion...[read more]

Hyperion Valued At $100 Million

May 20, 2009 by Jacob Mazer

By Jacob Mazer, Assistant Editor, Fuel Cycle Week Hyperion Power Generation has received media attention this week, with articles that observed in wonderment the company’s $100 million valuation—a significant sum, especially given that its product is an untested technology several years from deployment. The company plans to sell a line...[read more]