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Hybrid And Electric Car Sales Remain Strong in June

July 25, 2012 by Antonio Pasolini

Via NissanA new report on the sales of hybrid and electric cars indicate June saw a surge of 164 percent. According to Kelley Blue Book’s Blue Book Market Report for July 2012, sales have remained strong, which is atypical in periods following a fuel price peak like the one in March. Lexus CT200h, for instance, saw sales grow 500 percent...[read more]

Baby You Can Drive My (Electric) Car

May 11, 2012 by Scott Edward Anderson

Electric vehicles have come a long way since the days for the botched EV-1 experiment of the 1990s. Fisker KarmaFormerly considered tin cans without much oomph or sex appeal, EVs took a back seat to the more trendy hybrids (Prius) and powerful SUVs. Yet, if this year's EVS26 at the Los Angeles Convention Center proves one thing to...[read more]

Chevy Volt Sales Surge As Car Remains Political Piñata

April 4, 2012 by Nino Marchetti

Good thing GM is planning to start building Chevy Volts again soon—March saw 2,289 of the cars sold, by far the biggest month ever for the plug-in electric, the company reported. Nissan, meanwhile, said sales of its all-electric Leaf also climbed, though more modestly, from 478 in February to 579 in March [PDF].In early March GM...[read more]

If GM Volt is in such low demand why is it so hard for people to get one?

March 7, 2012 by Tyler Hamilton

By now most people who follow green technology developments know that GM has temporarily suspended production of its Volt plug-in hybrid.  Specifically, production will be shut down for five weeks so that GM can “align production with demand.” A post-crash-test battery fire with the Volt last year (which was overblown, but...[read more]

Why Is the Nissan Leaf Selling Faster than the Chevy Volt?

February 14, 2012 by James Coan

With the high gas prices we are facing today, the popularity of the fuel-efficient car is seeing its inevitable increase. Two of the fiercer competitors of this type of car are the Chevrolet Volt and the Nissan Leaf, both released within days of each other in December 2010. Although the Volt was more substantially advertised and thus...[read more]

Power sharing: App connects EV drivers, outlet owners

March 7, 2011 by Todd Woody

First there was music sharing and then car sharing. Now get ready for plug sharing. Xatori, a Silicon Valley software start-up, aims to create a network of electric car enthusiasts who make their household power outlets and home chargers available for drivers who need to top off their battery or who find themselves out of range of the...[read more]

From the Gulf to the Volt

December 20, 2010 by Marc Gunther

When trying to save the planet, every litter bit helps. But let’s not lose sight of the forest when we’re saving a tree–or when General Motors is recycling “plastic boom material used to soak up oil in the Gulf of Mexico” into auto parts in the Chevrolet Volt. Recycling is laudable–indeed, it points the way to a sustainable, zero-waste...[read more]

Grading Cars on the Curve

September 2, 2010 by Geoffrey Styles

By now you may have seen some prototypes of the new-car fuel economy stickers on which the EPA is seeking public comment. The versions that prominently display letter grades for overall fuel economy performance are certainly eye-catching, rising above the potentially confusing mix of numbers and graphics in the body of the sticker. Yet...[read more]

GM CEO Sows Doubt about Volt Debut Date, Volt Ads Continue Unabated

January 8, 2008 by Joseph Romm reports on an online chat with GM CEO Rick Waggoner. General Motors might not be able to hit its target to have its breakthrough electric-powered car the Chevrolet Volt in production by 2010…GM has already started to build advertising campaigns around the Volt, even though in the best-case scenario it is years away from...[read more]

EVS23: The times they are a changin’

December 8, 2007 by Joseph Romm

IEEE Tech Talk’s John Voelker’s report is titled EVS-23: A Surge of Energy for Electric Cars. It is a first comment on the palpable difference being experienced at this year’s Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS23), the electric drive industry trade show. An astounding 450 people attended Sunday’s plug-in hybrid workshop. A member of...[read more]