arctic melting

The Politics of a Warming Arctic

July 17, 2015 by Tom Schueneman

Arctic Politics

In 1991 eight “arctic nations” signed the Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy, including Canada, the U.S. Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Russia. The AEPS identified six principal pollution issues: persistent organic pollutants, oil pollution, heavy metals, noise, radioactivity and acidification.[read more]

Climate in the Arctic: Signs of Change, but Not Always!

July 10, 2015 by David Hone

Climate Change in the Arctic

I have just returned from a personal vacation expedition to the European high Arctic, starting in Longyearbyen, Svalbard and ending in Iceland via the East Coast of Greenland. The trip was on the National Geographic Explorer, a 148-passenger expedition class vessel with ice strengthening.[read more]

Like Butter: Study Explains Surprising Acceleration Of Greenland Ice Melt

July 20, 2013 by Joseph Romm

Greenland Meltwater

In 2011, scientists found the Greenland Ice Sheet could undergo a cycle of melting and warming that is difficult to halt. This acceleration has put ice sheet loss far ahead of what most climate models had predicted several years ago.[read more]

Above Average Temperatures for November Keep U.S. on Track for Record Hot Year

December 20, 2012 by Tom Schueneman

On Monday, scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said that for the 333rd consecutive month November 2012 brought higher than average global temperatures. In fact, the last time November temperatures dropped below the 20th century average was in 1976. Last month global average temperature over land and...[read more]

Time to think in 3D about Arctic Sea Ice

October 4, 2012 by David Hone

The recent rash of news alerts about the all-time-low, end of summer, Arctic sea ice extent has certainly given new food for thought about the state of the climate. Of course we shouldn’t be entirely surprised by this state of affairs as more rapid warming at the poles was anticipated long before the issue of rising emissions became a reality that we would have to deal with.[read more]

Dwindling Arctic Ice Signals a Clear Need for Change

September 24, 2012 by Rocky Kistner

Image via NOAA

The battle over Arctic oil drilling is as intense as ever. That's particularly true for Shell Oil, which has been fighting a losing battle to drill new exploratory wells in the frigid Chukchi and Beaufort Seas where harsh weather and tougher government drilling standards are proving nearly impossible to overcome.[read more]

Arctic Death Spiral: The Video

September 12, 2012 by Joseph Romm

Arctic Glacier Melting via Shutterstock

Last week, I reported that leading scientific experts were warning we could see a “near ice-free Arctic in summer” in a decade — if volume trends continue. Here’s a short video showing those ominous trends from 1979 through early September 2012.[read more]

Experts Warn Of ‘Near Ice-Free Arctic In Summer’ In A Decade

September 6, 2012 by Joseph Romm

The sharp drop in Arctic sea ice area has been matched by a harder-to-see — but equally sharp — drop in sea ice thickness. The combined result has been a collapse in total sea ice volume.Many experts now say that if recent volume trends continue we will see virtually ice-free conditions sometime in the next ten years. And that may well...[read more]

Two More Lows for Arctic Sea Ice

August 28, 2012 by Jay Gulledge

The loss of Arctic sea ice is progressing more rapidly and clearly than just about any other indicator of global climate change. As I’ve discussed previously, the minimum summer sea ice extent (i.e. the two-dimensional area of the floating ice cap) set new record lows in 2002, 2005 and 2007. Similarly, the total volume of sea ice set...[read more]

Climate Change's Impact on International Arctic Security

May 1, 2012 by Jay Gulledge

Is the Arctic region a bellwether for how climate change may reshape global geopolitics in the post-Cold War era?[read more]

Cold Snaps and Snowstorms: Evidence of Global Weirding?

March 22, 2012 by Dan Huber

NOAA recently declared this winter to be the 4th warmest on record for the contiguous United States. That sort of announcement might be expected in a warming world. But what about the relatively cold winters of 2009-2010 and 2010-2011, which featured historic blizzards in the Midwest and the East Coast? Florida had snow seven times in...[read more]

Is Climate Change Bringing the Arctic to Europe?

February 7, 2012 by Joseph Romm

Less Summer Arctic Sea Ice Cover May Mean Some Colder, Snowier Winters in Central Europe [For Now] [T]he probability of cold winters with much snow in Central Europe rises when the Arctic is covered by less sea ice in summer. Scientists of the Research Unit Potsdam of the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research in...[read more]

AP blows the Arctic ice story

January 4, 2008 by Joseph Romm

The global warming doubters/deniers (here and here) have jumped on a confused AP story about a confused Nature study. The normally first-rate AP report Seth Borenstein just wrote an article titled “Nature and Man Jointly Cook Arctic” that begins: There’s more to the recent dramatic and alarming thawing of the Arctic region than can be...[read more]