transmission lines

Transmission Links to Enable Wind Energy

September 17, 2014 by Adam Whitmore

Wind Energy Transmission

The availability of long distance energy transmission systems can help to continuously smooth out variations in the availability of wind power, but it helps solar less. A good policy needs to enable long-distance links to allow continuing increases in wind generation.[read more]


Primetime Debate: Will an Ultra-High Voltage Transmission Supergrid Solve China's Air Pollution Crisis?

April 23, 2014 by Michael Davidson

China Pollution Crisis and Solutions

It’s hard to imagine coverage of electricity transmission policy here in the U.S. The contrast with Chinese television’s treatment of these issues shows how public concerns over air pollution and renewables are being injected into a decade-old discussion on the relationship between the grid and the state.[read more]

Without Vermont Yankee, ISO NE Predicts Possible Transmission Line Melting

November 7, 2010 by Meredith Angwin

The Auction and the Melting Transmission LinesTwo months ago, I noted that ISO-NE refused to let Vermont Yankee drop out of the 2013 power auction.Since it is not clear that Vermont Yankee will be operating in 2013, I found this announcement strange. The grid operator (ISO-NE) won't let Vermont Yankee drop out of an auction? Huh? The...[read more]

The right market design for trade between power markets

May 7, 2010 by Michael Giberson

Windpower Monthly has a great article describing changes in the market for transmission capacity between power systems in Europe and the benefits of the changes.  Here is a summary by way of selected quotes, but the full story is worth reading: Most of the electricity cables connecting Europe were built when electricity systems in...[read more]

Transmitting the Clean Energy Future - Supreme Court dashes hopes for federal transmission siting

January 27, 2010 by Joseph Romm

An older transmission power track and power line stands tall against a Kansas sunset north of Topeka, Kansas. Utilities are vying to build a new power system to stretch across the state that would give six times more capacity than the present systems. The upgraded systems will be needed to help fully harness wind power generation....[read more]

Long-distance transmission complements “local self reliance”

November 18, 2009 by Michael Giberson

A few weeks ago we mentioned commentary by John Harrell of the Institute for Local Self Reliance asserting that the “last thing renewable energy needs right now are new transmission lines.”  The ILSR has a recent study suggesting the almost every state could be energy self sufficient relying only on in-state renewable power sources...[read more]

John Farrell: Say no to transmission

October 24, 2009 by Marc Gunther

Today’s guest post is from John Farrell, a senior researcher with the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, a nonprofit think thank and consultancy that promotes strong and independent local communities. We’ve all heard about the benefits of local food; the ILSR is looking at energy independence on a local scale—the idea that states and...[read more]

Market designs for Tres Amigas: How about trilateral market coupling?

October 21, 2009 by Michael Giberson

More thoughts on economic issues related to the Tres Amigas project, an ambitious proposal to connect the Western, Eastern, and Texas electric grids via a three-way high tech transmission link located in eastern New Mexico. (Earlier: Tres Amigas intro and Economics for …). Europeans have had several years of experience connecting...[read more]

Private wires and the electric power industry you want

October 14, 2009 by Michael Giberson

The New Republic has an excellent article by Bradford Plumer about the current state of the electric power industry and the prospects of the industry achieving what diverse interests expect of it. (Yes, in TNR, who’d a thunk it?) The article highlights the political economy of regulated electric utilities and their immense lobbying...[read more]

Tres Amigas project proposes to connect Eastern, Western, and Texas power grids

October 14, 2009 by Michael Giberson

A high-profile, high-technology power project is making waves well beyond the small town of Clovis, New Mexico, where it has secured land for development. I’ve been telling my students and anyone else I can induce to listen to me for a few minutes (i.e., mostly just my students) that my new hometown of Lubbock, Texas is in an...[read more]

Texas Transmits the Future

July 30, 2008 by JenniferDillon

Recently the Texas Public Utilities Commission gave initial approval to adding nearly $5B in transmission lines to the state, expected to help bring West Texas wind to the major Texas cities.  I asked my friend Vanessa, who has worked in the wind industry for years, if she thought the approved package is a good as it looks. ...[read more]