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Are Policymakers Driving Blind with Yesterday's Energy Cost Numbers?

June 2, 2015 by America's Power Plan

Energy Numbers and Policy

One of the most striking features of today’s modern energy economy is the pace and scale at which new technologies are changing an industry used to a much slower pace of evolution. Policymakers used to operating in an environment where capital deployment happens over the course of years.[read more]

Holy Spikes! Have You Checked Your Utility Data Recently (or Ever)?

February 14, 2015 by Wego Wise

Energy Spikes and Utility Data

With some of the coldest temperatures and record-setting snowfall pounding the U.S., many building owners are looking closely at their energy usage. Catching energy spikes is important to decrease utility costs, improve ROI/NOI, and prioritize retrofits, but it shouldn't just be done in the dead of winter.[read more]

Energy Data Privacy Risks: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

January 27, 2015 by Christine Hertzog

Wednesday is Data Privacy Day in the USA, and it should receive heightened awareness after the recent Sony Pictures cyberattack. While media attention focused on cybersecurity weaknesses, privacy is the natural consequence of good cybersecurity. Security is a strategy that ensures a privacy outcome.[read more]

The Failure of the UK Climate Change Act

August 18, 2014 by Roger Pielke, Jr.

UK Climate Legislation

The Belgian think tank Bruegel points to data showing that the United Kingdom's GDP has returned to pre-economic crisis levels. This allows us to do a quick and intuitive examination of how much the UK economy has decarbonized over that time period.[read more]

Initial IPCC Predictions on Global Temperature Rise Remarkably Accurate

December 12, 2012 by Tom Schueneman

The tremendous complexity combined with the short-term and local variability of climate make accurately forecasting global climate change one of the most challenging and daunting tasks ever undertaken by the scientific community. Nonetheless, spurred on by growing number of signs that significant climate changes were under way, climate...[read more]

Will Social Media Help You Cut Home Energy Usage?

April 4, 2012 by Nino Marchetti

You’ll soon be competing  with your Facebook friends to cut home energy use with a new social energy app. The soon-to-be-released app is the brainchild of Alliance Associate Opower and Board member NRDC, with social media powerhouse Facebook, who expect the social energy app to spread energy-efficient behavior to...[read more]

The Green Button: White House Makes The Right Call On Energy Data

March 29, 2012 by Joseph Romm

Last week, the White House unveiled a new program called the Green Button Initiative. So what the heck is the Green Button?[read more]

‘Green Button’: How Long Before Adoptions Match the Hype?

March 16, 2012 by Jim Pierobon

The White House wants it. Some California utilities get it. But will more than a few U.S. utilities sign on to help ratepayers better understand how they use electricity with one-click access to their data? One year after the Obama Administration began talking about the idea, and in the roughly six months since it formally issued a...[read more]

The Need for Reliable Energy Data

March 19, 2010 by Geoffrey Styles

I'm back at my desk after some business travel, and the item in this morning's batch of news that caught my eye concerns the reliability of the oil industry data collected by the Energy Information Agency of the US Department of Energy. The article in today's Wall St. Journal (subscription may be required) described EIA's methods for...[read more]

Graphs page rework

July 12, 2009 by Lou Grinzo

Those of you wondering when I would get off my butt and rework the Quick Graphs page so it looks like something created after 1996 can stop wondering. It’s done and posted. The Energy Collective Visit Lou's Graphs Page.TCOE is on Twitter, tooLink to original post[read more]