carbon caps

China To Cap Coal Use By 2020 To Meet Game-Changing Climate, Air Pollution Targets

November 28, 2014 by Joseph Romm

China Caps Coal

China announced it would cap coal use by 2020. The Chinese State Council said the peak would be 4.2 billion tonnes, a one-sixth increase over current consumption. This is a reversal of Chinese energy policy, which for two decades has been centered around building a coal plant or more a week.[read more]

Carbon Regulation Becomes the Norm

October 2, 2014 by Adam Whitmore

Carbon Regulation Normalcy

With measures in place across the EU, the USA, and China, carbon caps and pricing will have become the norm rather than the exception. This is likely to put pressure on other jurisdictions without such measures to act. This trend is likely to be reinforced by agreement at the UNFCCC conference in Paris.[read more]

Survey Says: Americans Favor Pro-Climate Candidates

August 17, 2012 by Arno Harris

Since the defeat of US carbon legislation in 2010, conventional political wisdom has held that climate was a losing issue. Politicians left and right have sought to distance themselves or even reverse their positions on climate change. And emboldened "deniers" have ramped up their anti-science agenda.The reality is that the trend in...[read more]

How is cap & trade like musical chairs?

December 6, 2007 by Joseph Romm

Are you confused by the issues surrounding carbon dioxide cap & trade systems? Of course not — but you probably know someone who is. If so, my friend Holmes Hummel, a Stanford Ph.D. and legislative fellow for Congressman Inslee (D-WA) has created a website just for you your friend, aimed specifically at “The Curious & Concerned,...[read more]

A Bali update

December 3, 2007 by John Whitehead

From the WSJ's Morning Brief: In his first official act as a new prime minister, Kevin Rudd today signed paperwork that will lead to Australia's ratification of the Kyoto Protocol, further isolating the U.S. on climate issues just as negotiators are meeting in Bali to start work on Kyoto's successor. ... Under Kyoto, industrialized...[read more]

Climate Change and the Cusp of Lost Opportunity

December 3, 2007 by JoelMakower

On the eve of this week's UN Climate Change Conference in Bali, two new reports show how tantalizingly able we are to reduce our climate footprint -- and how frustratingly far we are from taking the needed steps to do so. McKinsey & Co., the global management consultancy, last week released a report showing how the U.S. can reduce...[read more]