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Can Nuclear Power and Renewable Energy Learn to Get Along?

April 15, 2014 by Jesse Jenkins

Renewables and Nuclear Cooperation

Nuclear power and variable renewable energy sources like wind and solar power “don’t play well together.” The more I think about this, however, the more I’m convinced that the accepted wisdom that renewables and nuclear mix like oil and water is true only up to a point.[read more]

Technology (transfer?) – agreement needed at Copenhagen

November 5, 2009 by Climatico Analysis

There was a meeting on climate technology transfer in Delhi a few weeks ago, and the G77+China made their feelings known that an agreement on technology transfer is crucial to a fair global deal. At issue is the fact that rich countries are demanding that poorer countries like India and China reduce their emissions, even while their per...[read more]

Rich countries squash intellectual property reform efforts in Bonn

August 13, 2009 by Climatico Analysis

Rich countries, led by the US, have opposed discussing proposals from various poor countries around the reform of intellectual property rights (IPR). These discussions are crucial to technology transfer efforts. This document is quite useful as a primer on IPR and climate change.Technology transfer (as I’ve written before) will be...[read more]

500 ppm

July 20, 2009 by RyanAvent

I think Jeff Frankel has a pretty sensible approach to international rules for emission reductions in this piece. One thing I’d note is that his plan has everyone agreeing to mandatory caps now with only developed nations beginning cuts immediately and developing nations following on later. I think that’s less likely to be politically...[read more]